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A Loot Nest is an Infected enemy type introduced in the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2.



Loot Nests are adapted from and therefore behave very similarly to Mimics, with a few notable key differences. Loot Nests lack the ability to camouflage as weapons chests, do not have arms and move considerably slower. Like Mimics, they can lash out with their long tongues or bite their victims.

Loot Nests lie in wait, hidden underground and impossible to see. When a Vault Hunter approaches their vicinity while hidden, they will rise out of the ground and begin attacking.

They have two critical hit locations - the spore-like bulbs that are on their bodies in roughly the position eyes would be on a face. Like all Infected enemies, Loot Nests are highly susceptible to incendiary damage and are resistant to corrosive damage.


  • Loot Nests are not random encounters and will only appear in certain Infected areas within Dahl Abandon and Mt. Scarab Research Center. However, they will always spawn in these locations when approached, if they have not already been killed.
  • Loot Nests have a much larger loot pool than Mimics, with a pool similar to that of Loot Midgets. As such, they are capable of dropping many different types of Legendary items and Pearlescent weapons.
  • In True and Ultimate Vault Hunter Modes, Loot Nests are renamed Necrotizing Loot Nests.

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