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Loot Leprechaun is a secret enemy in Borderlands 2 that spawns in the Rotgut Distillery area in Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre DLC. Unlike other traditional enemies, the Loot Leprechaun cannot be killed with weapons. However, hitting him with melee abilities releases several drops of loot.


The Loot Leprechaun can be found after completion of the A Match Made on Pandora mission. He spawns in the Hodunk Holler area of Rotgut Distillery from a small cave near where the main road heads into the mountain tunnel. This is to the left of the entrance to the Moedown Motel area. The Loot Leprechaun has a high spawn chance, but not 100%.

Hitting the Leprechaun with melee rewards Eridium bricks, ammo, and money.



The Loot Leprechaun moves very quickly, much faster than other enemies. He can easily be found by the rainbow trail that he leaves in his wake. He occasionally stops, making it easier to approach him. Sometimes he can be stopped if a player stands in front of him. Shooting him will result in no damage, even if he is hit with Slag damage. However, hitting him with a melee ability releases his loot. He can be hit several times before disappearing. Upon being hit, he will speed up for a few moments before returning to his regular, though still high, speed.

If he does not disappear when hit, he will continue to run around the area. His path is generally chaotic, but he works towards one of two caves. Upon reaching one of these caves he will disappear.

  1. The first cave is near the entrance to Hodunk Holler when coming from the chapel. Before reaching the pond there is a small cave on the right, somewhat close to the house where Nathanial Lynn Zaford is visited during Learning to Love.
  2. The second cave is on the other side of the pond off of the main road just before the gate leading to Zaford's Rotgut Distillery. This cave is also on the right.

With Fleet at rank 11, Maya can keep up with the Loot Leprechaun while her shields are down. The Rough Rider is very useful here, as it instantly triggers Fleet when switched to.


After spawning

"Just look at all this fine loot I got!"
"Next stop: me hideaway."
"This gold's burnin' a hole in me britches!"
"If I get robbed and murdered, I'll be awful pissed."
"Feel like I'm bein' watched. By a Vault Hunter. With questionable morals."
"Me pockets is as full as me heart!"
"I've got loot and a wanderlust!"
"Another fine day in the Zaford distillery!"
"Gosh – hard to walk, carryin' all this gold."
"Nothin' quite like walkin' around with your life savin's."

While being chased

"You'll never catch me you sonofabitch!"
"I'm half in the bag and I can still run circles 'round ya!"
"I'm faster than yer mother with a mouth full!"
"I'd spot you some dough, but I'm a little SHORT!"
"Sonofabitch, it's a Vault Hunter!"
"Exit, stage left!"
"Leprechaun, out!"
"Luck be a lady!"
"Run run run as fast as you can! You can't catch me, dick!"

While being hit

"Ouch! Not the liver!"
"Hitting a man half your size – what a HERO you is."
"My precious loot!"
"You big bully!"
"Me pride!"
"The cruelty!"
"You don't even NEED the money!"
"Stop! I got kids, kind of!"

When killed

"Me mortalityyyyyy!"
"But what of me kids?!"
"I died as I lived!"
"My beautiful loot!"
"Save me, Warwick!"
"I hate yeh!"
"A plague o' both your houses!"

Manages to escape

"You'll never get me sucky charms!"
"We Zafords is known for our speed!"
"I'll drink to that!"
"I knew ya couldn't catch me!"
"Now back to me wife and children!"
"Looks like ya suck at chasin' stuff!"
"Neener neener, asshole!"
"I win!"
"And now for the Zaford goodbye!"
"Now ta stash this loot away!"


  • The Loot Leprechaun can on occasion spawn before the DLC's story mission has been completed.
  • The Loot Leprechaun uses the same model as Peter Zaford.
  • The Leprechaun can respawn, but his chance of respawning is less likely.