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For the common enemy in Borderlands 3, see Loot Goon Goliath (Borderlands 3).

Loot Goon Goliath is enemy encountered in Borderlands 2. They are a powerful variant of Badass Goliath bearing a red Dahl weapon crate on their back, lootable on their demise.



Loot Goon Goliaths dual-wields assault rifles like regular goliaths, but inflict significantly more damage and have greatly increased health. They are more aggressive than other types, pursuing their enemies steadily and only stopping to reload. When enraged, Loot Goon Goliaths' melee attacks inflict even greater damage than Badass Goliaths, and at Ultimate Badass or higher they are almost guaranteed to dwarf all other foes in the area. Loot Goon Goliaths are immune to Maya's Phaselock. After a Loot Goon Goliath is defeated for a while, the chest it carries will disappear, if opened, the loot inside will not vanish and simply remain floating in mid-air.


  • The chest's loot value depends on the initial level of the Goliath; it does not increase as it levels up.
  • The Loot Goon Goliath is a spiritual successor to the Loot Goon from The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.