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Loot Goons are similar to Tankensteins, only with a red weapon crate on their back rather than an exploding barrel. When Loot Goons are killed their chest becomes lootable.



  • Treat them like a Tankenstein: use Incendiary, and avoid Shock.
  • Mainly, they use a melee attack or charge, but they occasionally throw a lightning ball that can momentarily stun the Vault Hunter.
  • The easiest way to take down a Loot Goon is to get behind cover or atop a roof. It will then do a "taunting" animation, whereupon the Vault Hunter can plink away with headshots for an easy kill. Conversely, just backpedal and blast away at its head with a shotgun.
  • Besides lobbing lightning balls, they occasionally perform an electric slam attack that is similar to Sledge's skill, and does considerable damage to shields.


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