LootBug.awesomes are bugs encountered in Claptastic Voyage.



LootBug.awesome bugs are one of the possible spawns from glitched chests. When spawned, the LootBug.awesome will remain still for a few seconds before flying off to circle the Vault Hunter at a distance, firing lasers periodically. The bug will periodically stop circling, which presents the easiest opportunity to kill it if the initial spawn is missed.

LootBug.awesome have very little health and can be killed easily. When killed, it will drop a fair amount of money, ammo, and health. It will also occasionally drop weapons or skins.


  • This enemy is probably a direct reference to loot midgets from Borderlands 2 due to the fact that they come out of certain chests and drop a nice amount of loot on kill. However, unlike the loot midgets in Borderlands 2, they don't have a legendary drop pool other than skins. This is probably because the loot midgets in Borderlands 2 were very easy to farm for legendaries, making legendaries themselves very common.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed CashedUp.Yes, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Loot_Bug_Loot.

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