longer ragne kilier is the Title of a group of common shotguns and are manufactured by the bandits. They use the Hyperion barrel. The longer ragne kilier is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The longer ragne kilier is a surprisingly decent weapon, with many varieties sporting above-average damage and fire rates. They tend to be less accurate and have more recoil than other manufacturers' Hyperion-barrel shotguns, but have larger magazines. These properties are because of the manufacturer and not the barrel.

The type of barrel used in this shotgun counters many of the characteristics typical of a Bandit weapon, this includes both positive and negative properties. Bandit guns usually have bad accuracy, high recoil, high damage, and a large magazine size; the Hyperion muzzle counters all these properties and also gives this type of shotgun a tighter pellet spread. The reduced magazine does not affect this gun much because it consumes only one round per shot and Bandit weapons have big magazines anyway.

Given that it has more bullets than other shotguns and it also is accurate, this weapon is useful when utilizing Salvador's Money Shot skill because the larger magazine means the damage buff will be greater for the last bullet and unlike other guns like an SMG, it's easier to connect a hit with the last round.

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