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Longbow Turret is a tier 3 skill in Axton's Gunpowder skill tree. It allows the Sabre Turret to be deployed with Longbow technology and increases its health.


  • Turret Deploy Range: +10000%
  • Turret Health: +110%


  • Much like Longbow Grenades, the turret package will teleport to the spot designated by the crosshair, before unfolding into the turret. If the intended location is at a distance, it may sometimes be beneficial to jump to get the right viewing angle, before deploying the turret.
  • If aimed at a wall or ceiling (without Mag-Lock), the package will bounce off the wall and drop to the ground first, then unfold and deploy where it lands. If it goes out of bounds or into a space that is too small to deploy, it despawns, and the action skill is recharged instantly.

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