Longbow is a legendary E-tech sniper rifle manufactured by Hyperion. The Longbow can be obtained as a rare drop from Badass Creepers in the Caustic Caverns.

Special Weapon Effects

Ceci n'est pas une sniper rifle! – It fires slow moving projectiles shaped like Minecraft styled arrows. Always incendiary. Always spawns without a scope. Even though it is an E-tech weapon, it only consumes one sniper bullet per shot. +150% critical hit damage. Slightly increased (+4.5%) chance of ignition (as of hotfix of 17 October 2013).

Usage & Description

When auto-targeting is turned on in the options menu, the snap-to targeting places the arc of the Longbow's projectile immediately through a standard humanoid enemy's head. A major advantage of the Longbow is its extreme accuracy; firing may not actually increase accuracy. Evidence of this can be shown as the rifle itself has very minimum movement when the sights are aimed down.


  • Although it displays as a legendary weapon, internally the Longbow is classified as an E-tech weapon, with a barrel part, SR_Barrel_Alien_Longbow. The Longbow's status as an E-tech weapon is also evident in inventories, where the weapon will be grouped with E-tech weapons rather than with legendary weapons.
  • Unlike standard legendary or E-tech weapons, the Longbow can spawn without an accessory, giving it the prefix Thermogenic.
    • Since the Longbow will always lack a scope, it cannot spawn with the accessories that would affix to the scope. These include the fire rate (Operational), damage (Auditing) and magazine size (Resource) accessories.
  • This weapon dropped from Mister Boney Pants Guy on Day 6 of Week 1 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt.
  • The Longbow was modified via a hotfix released on October 17th, 2013 as part of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt. Its chance to ignite was increased by 4.5%, while its damage was increased by 20%. As with all hotfixes released as part of the loot hunt, these changes were later incorporated into a permanent patch.


  • The flavor text ("Ceci n'est pas une sniper rifle!" [Lit. "This is not a Sniper Rifle"]) is a reference to Magritte's The Treachery of Images, a painting of a pipe with the words "Ceci n'est pas une pipe." written underneath in cursive lettering. The point of this painting was to demonstrate that it was not, in fact, a pipe but a painting of one. A similar reference was made in Minecraft. The game's menu splash text, "Ceci n'est pas une title screen!" translates to "This is not a title screen!".
  • Like Hyperion pistols and all E-tech weapons, the Longbow features fins on the side of the gun that extend outward as the gun fires. When fully extended these fins resemble the arc of a bow or crossbow due to their placement and unusual size.
  • The Longbow makes a standard sniper rifle sound rather than an E-tech sniper rifle firing sound.
  • To further the Minecraft references, it's only elemental type of incendiary is a nod to the only "elemental" enchantment the Minecraft bow can get, Flame, which shoots a flaming arrow.