Long Musket is a legendary submachine gun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Tediore. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Special Weapon Effects

Say "cryptocurrency!" – Shoots flames at a reduced distance. Discarded weapons become walking flamethrower turrets capable of sticking to walls and chasing down enemies. Minimal discarded weapon damage.

Usage & Description

The Long Musket is the definition of a close range powerhouse, dealing an incredible amount of incendiary damage while being limited to nearly point blank encounters. The weapon by itself is able to melt fleshy enemies in an instant even at higher difficulty levels, though it deals pitiful damage against armor. It is also very ammo efficient despite dealing high damage.

As its reload throw deals extremely low splash damage, the user should aim to throw used guns on the floor instead, as the turrets will quickly put out even more damage. However, the turrets will still attempt to fire at enemies out of its range and waste its ammo.


  • The flames do more damage and reach farther the longer the trigger is held, needing about 10 rounds to reach its surprisingly long maximum range, so short bursts of fire are not optimal.


  • The name and special effect are references to South-African inventor Elon Musk and his product called "not a flamethrower"(which was a flamethrower). The flavor text and bonus white text are from one of his tweets.
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