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Lockdown Palace is a run down prison in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.


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Lockdown Palace used to be a prison island before the area dried up. Mr. Shank runs the place now, and the bandits here have turned the prison into a sprawling base of operations. Areas include a parking area for Racers, holding cells with picnic tables and stockpiles of beer, and outposts within the complex with vending machines for ammunition and supplies.

The entrance to Lockdown Palace is at the Sunken Sea, reachable via The Ridgeway, and is accessible by jumping off a ramp into the prison compound.


Notable Friendlies[]

Notable Enemies[]

Common Enemies[]

Weapon Crates[]

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  • The majority of the enemies in the courtyard outside Lockdown Palace can be killed from a vehicle due to the large open spaces.
  • The Palace can be left by driving off the broken road opposite the entrance, but this is not recommended until Mr. Shank has been killed.
  • The Claptrap in Lockdown Palace very rarely gives out an SDU on playthrough 1 and has not been seen to provide one on playthrough 2.
  • Three different kinds of Loot Midgets can be found here. As each one is found along the route to get to Mr. Shank and Athena, hunting the midgets in Lockdown Palace is ideal for getting the Sneaky Little Buggers achievement. In order of appearance:
    • Truxican Wrestler in a locker at the entrance area
    • Mini Steve in one of the red chest near the electromagnet (usually the one next to it)
    • Meat Popsicle in freezer in a small room immediately after the interior vending machines
    • Another Truxican Wrestler that spawns in a locker either in the room after the laundry room on the way out or in a locker near the entrance


  • A second floor holding cell with the sign "Sanctuary" has a calendar on the wall which shows it is at least September 109AE, though it may be much later than that at the time of Borderlands.
  • Beside the weapon vendor closest to Athena's cell are two bundles of magazines tied up with string. Sporting titles and images presenting women in a pornographic light, these publications are well out of context with the implied sexual proclivities of the Lockdown Palace's inmates.