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Loaders are the mainstay of Hyperion's military might on Pandora. They come in an array of different varieties, each variant suited to a particular role when in action. Completely without conscience, they are the military, the enforcers, and frequently the executioners fielded by the Hyperion regime. Loaders supplement and make up the bulk of Hyperion's forces, but not the entirety of them, as human soldiers and support units also work alongside them.

Loaders can enter the field by Moonbase shots, emerge from a Hyperion structure, or be digistructed from a digistruct pole, platform, or the eye of a constructor. Aside from being spawned by the constructor, or in certain missions, the number of the loaders that can spawn is limited and will eventually be depleted.

Loaders use holographic signals to supplement their verbal status updates. A grenade image indicates they are about to lob a grenade, and a spanner/wrench symbol denotes the unit is heavily damaged and awaiting repair by a Surveyor.

The majority of loaders have a multitude of critical hit points, including arm joints, leg joints, and their optics. Dealing sufficient damage to a limb joint will cause the limb to fall off, disabling various combat functions of the loader. For example, destroying a leg joint will cause the loader to fall to the ground and force it to crawl. will It will still be a able to fire the gun it wields, but it cannot throw grenades.

Due to the bullet spread, Shotguns in particular will help scoring multiple critical hits, taking down Loaders quickly. Loaders have a universal weakness to corrosive weapons. While shock, slag, and explosive elemental weapons will retain their regular damage, non-elemental weapons receive a -20% damage penalty but are compensated by their higher base attack. Incendiary weapons will do the worst damage, though loaders can still be ignited.

ARR Loaders, H3RL-E, or Loaders being buffed by a Shielded Surveyor will have a shield which offers protection from corrosive attacks, as well as prevent limbs from being shot off until the shield is depleted.

Hyperion Loaders

Loader concept



Loot Midgets
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Notable Loaders

Torgue Loaders



  • First Law disabled. (Referring to Asimov's first of three laws of robotics; a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm)
  • Killing bandit.
  • Lethal force authorized.
  • Murderer detected.
  • Increasing aggression.
  • Deleting.
  • Removing bandit.
  • Success imminent.
  • Combat commencing.
  • Engaging target.
  • Target in sights.
  • Target death imminent.
  • Moving to engage.
  • Charging primary weapon. (exclusive to WAR, Badass and Super Badass Loaders)
  • Fire, fire, fire. (exclusive to HOT Loaders)
  • Increasing temperatures. (exclusive to HOT Loaders)

Taking Elemental damage

  • Ouch.
  • Ow.
  • Nonono.
  • Stop it.
  • Hey.
  • Taking damage.


  • Slagged.
  • Unit slagged.
  • Slag detected.
  • Foreign substance detected.
  • Damage resistance lowered.
  • Damage sensitivity heightened.
  • Increased damage impending.
  • Brace for damage.

Low health

  • Repairs needed.
  • Repairs wanted.
  • Requesting repairs.
  • Medic.
  • Injuries critical.
  • Unit shutdown imminent.
  • Error. Error.


  • Critical damage sustained.
  • Injuries fatal.
  • Malfunction.
  • Mission failed.
  • Unit destroyed.
  • Failure.

Player retreating

  • Bandit retreating.
  • Bandit admits cowardice.

Throwing grenade

  • Warning: Grenade.
  • Throwing bomb.
  • Throwing grenade.
  • Grenade.
  • Grenade out.

Crippling a player

  • Mission success.


  • In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, Badass Loaders will be renamed as a Super Badass Loader, while the original Super Badass Loader will be renamed as an Ultimate Badass Loader.
  • When Phaselocked, Loaders will fold themselves, makes scoring critical hits much more difficult.
  • When loaders are digistructed, their chemical makeup is displayed beside them, in the form of boxes from the periodic table. According to this, they consist of iron (Fe), tungsten (W), strontium (Sr), and nickel (Ni).

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