Little People, Big Experiments is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx to tasks the Vault Hunter to go kill an old enemy again, for his own good.


"You've learned from Thirsty that the midgets in the area used to run with Sledge before someone killed him. They revered him greatly and took his body to their best scientists. Something went wrong with their attempts to revive and improve him, and he is now on the loose, rampaging through the region. The bandits in the region have dubbed him 'Motorhead'. The midgets would like your help to finally put him out of his misery."


Little People, Big Experiments

Little People, Big Experiments

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Investigate the rumors of midget experiments.
  • Rumor investigated
  • Motorhead killed


Contrary to what the description makes it sound like, Motorhead is not really "on the loose". He is located inside Abomination Way, a little enclosed area that can be accessed by an off-ramp near the exit to T-Bone Junction from The Ridgeway. The large blast door will open as soon as someone gets close to it, opening the way to an apparently empty garage. As soon as someone is almost close enough to enter the garage, Motorhead will drop to the floor in the middle and attack.

The area where Motorhead spawns is constricted and offers little by way of cover. Mobility is very important for this fight. Motorhead has a very small critical hit location below the Gatling gun that replaced his head. The chance at finding this area is very low due the armor around his chest. Motorhead is heavily armored and is resistant to most damage but corrosive. Keeping him from using his Gatling gun attack is the safest way to finish him off. Keep Motorhead dazed by using skill-based attacks while staying mobile, aim for critical hits to make him flinch, and keep on the elemental damage on, as the elemental damage tics will cause him to flinch as well.


"Now poor Sledge is finally at peace."


  • When killed, Motorhead has a chance to drop The Chopper, a powerful machine gun.
  • One of the loot midgets needed for the Sneaky Little Buggers achievement makes his home in Motorhead's room as well. His name is Dumpster Diver, and can be found in a dumpster.


  • This mission is a reference to the TLC show "Little People, Big World".
  • According to the signs on the Ridgeway, the road leading to the garage is Abomination Way.
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