Little Evie is a unique pistol manufactured by Maliwan. The Little Evie is obtained from Lil' Sis after killing Mr. Bubbles without hurting Lil' Sis in the process.

Special Weapon Effects

Shock and awwwww! So cute! – Always shock elemental. Increased damage, magazine size and elemental chance. Projectiles fire in a parabolic arc. Killing an enemy increases action skill cooldown rate by 12%.

Usage & Description

Gaige makes good use of the Little Evie, due to her long cooldown time and her Little Big Trouble skill tree, which increases the effectiveness of shock weapons.


  • There is an exploit using the Little Evie, which involves emptying the magazine and quickly swapping to and from the gun multiple times. This stacks the effect of the gun and instantly recharges a character's action skill after every kill.
  • Day 10 of Week 2 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt featured a 100% drop chance from Grendel. The hotfix on that day increased the Little Evie's damage and action skill recharge rate.
  • The Little Evie receives an additional 80% splash damage, however, unlike other Maliwan pistols, this bonus damage is not boosted by grenade damage bonuses.


  • The name of the gun is a reference to Eve, a substance used to recharge the ability to use plasmids in the BioShock video game series. Also, Little Sisters are characters in BioShock, and most of them call their "Big Daddy" bodyguards "Mister Bubbles". The shock effect is a reference to Electro Bolt, which is the first and most known plasmid in the Bioshock series.
  • The red text is a reference to a scene in the movie Kung Pow! Enter the Fist.
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