For the vehicles in Borderlands and Borderlands 3, see Outrunner and Outrunner (Borderlands 3).

The Light Runner is a type of drivable vehicle in Borderlands 2. It is a reinforced dune buggy with a mounted turret.


The Outrunner of Borderlands returns in Borderlands 2 as the Light Runner, a vehicle with largely the same characteristics as its predecessor as well as some notable changes. First, unlike the Outrunner, the Light Runner's front machine gun is now able to traverse from side to side rather than being in a fixed position, making it much more versatile as a weapon. In addition, running over enemies no longer results in instant destruction (of either the vehicle or rammed target) as in the first game - instead, running over an enemy will cause them to ragdoll and sustain some damage, which can be rather amusing in and of itself. Not only that, but the Light Runner can now execute a power slide with a button press that engages an emergency brake, allowing it to turn and slide. The Light Runner also no longer has the lock on ability for the turret, making it useful to have a gunner.


Borderlands 2 provides Light Runners with the same two turret weapon options as in the first game (either a machine gun or a rocket launcher), but with additional secondary fire features added for a dedicated gunner in the turret seat. For the machine gun, secondary fire zooms the view and tightens the accuracy of the machine gun, improving its effective range significantly. The rocket launcher now displays a bar that fills up when secondary fire is held down with the crosshair over a target (with attendant audio cue). When the bar is filled, the launcher will fire a cluster of three missiles that will home in on the target, making it highly effective for scoring direct hits against moving enemies, even at very long ranges.

Paint Jobs

Numerous paint jobs can be collected to customize the Light Runner. A complete list of these paint jobs can be found here.


  • Due to a bug, the secondary attack of the rocket launcher's damage doesn't scale properly in True Vault Hunter Mode as they do extremely low damage.
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