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Lichenthrope is a humanoid enemy introduced in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. Usually encountered singly, they present a formidable threat and are hostile to all races that encounter them. They are only encountered in Miasma Sink and in The Burrows.

Badass Lichenthrope is a larger and stronger variant.



Lichenthropes are large and formidable opponents who move around in a slow, lumbering walk. Once they are within range, they can employ a varied array of attacks from a basic melee strike, to a series of ranged attacks. The simplest of these is their ability to toss four pods with a swing of each of their arms, followed by a stream of smaller pods launched from a cavity in their chests. Both of these inflict direct damage and also induce a slag status effect. Pods burst on contact or, if they miss, a couple of seconds later on the ground. If their intended victims are within a certain distance, Lichenthropes will raise their arms into the air before slamming into the ground, inflicting considerable damage in a large radius with a strong knock-back effect.

Lichenthropes are tough opponents, often requiring many hits to destroy and their chest cavity being the only critical hit location. Once destroyed, Lichtenthropes lose ability to launch barrage of smaller pods. Lichenthropes are unable to restore their health, and Vault Hunters can use this to their advantage. Another feature Vault Hunters can take advantage of is that Lichenthropes will only defend the area they spawn in and will not pursue their attackers once they leave the area.