For the enemy in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, see The Leviathan.

The Leviathan is a Unique Rocket Launcher manufactured by Torgue.

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Special Weapon Effects

It rises! - Rockets are subject to gravity. Larger magazine, high fire rate and fast reload.

Usage & Description

The Leviathan is a rocket launcher with a unique ability. Its rockets travel in an arc before impacting and exploding. This means that the Leviathan acts more like a Grenade Launcher than a rocket launcher.

The Leviathan can be used with great effect by aiming over tall objects and landing the rockets near targets to inflict damage.

In terms of raw Rocket Launcher effectiveness, the Leviathan does have increased stats, but they merely offset the Leviathan's predefined low quality parts, making it "average" overall. If the Leviathan effect is not specifically required, it is recommended to look for other Rocket Launchers.

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  • The Leviathan's rockets are subject to gravity, unlike normal rocket launchers which will always fire shots in a straight line. Its rockets can be treated like long-range grenades that explode on impact. Because of its unique nature, one could also fire the Leviathan straight up into the air and, after a few seconds, have the rockets fall back down to the ground around them.
  • Instead of having the typical Torgue colors of grey and black, the Leviathan has a similar material pattern to that of a Gearbox weapon.


  • The Leviathan is a sea monster of ancient mythology, gaining the name "Leviathan" in ancient Jewish literature. It has become synonymous with many nautically-themed monsters in both ancient and modern literature, giving rise to such statements as "It rises!" (Moby-Dick) as characters observe the appearance of such a beast.
  • Leviathan in modern Hebrew means "whale".


The Leviathan effect comes from the Leviathan_barrel1_3shot barrel, which is based on barrel1_3shot. Apart from the effect, it also has superior stats. The Leviathan is always made of body1stock2 and sight2. Its material, Leviathan_Material gives no stats change. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Leviathan_barrel1_3shot barrel1_3shot
Clip Size: 6
Damage: -20%
Fire Rate: +80%
Reload Speed: -50%
Clip Size: 3
Damage: -20%

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