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Lethal Force Authorized is a tier 3 passive ability in FL4K's Trapper skill tree.
Whenever FL4K's Loader Bot pet would go into Fight For Your Life, it turns into an EXP Loader instead and seeks out a nearby enemy before self-destructing, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
FL4K's pet's respawn time is reduced.


  • Pet Respawn Time: -50%
  • EXP Loader Damage: 89


  • Because this skill prevents FL4K from reviving their loader bot, it has no utility. While it does grant FL4K's other pets a reduction in respawn time, FL4K's pets rarely ever go down, and when they do go down, the player can just select a different pet before the first one dies to instantly have a new pet, practically invalidating this skill. The Res pistol and Friend-Bot class mod further invalidate this skill.
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