Let's Build a Robot Army is the seventh story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Go to train station
  • Call train
  • Wait for train
  • Install Felicity
  • Install Felicity
  • Install Felicity
  • Clear out Scavs
  • Meet Gladstone
  • Get to Titan Robot Production Plant
  • Destroy powersuits
  • Clear out Scavs
  • Destroy window with cryo damage
  • Turn on power
  • Summon security bots
  • Collect eye components: 0 / 4
  • Go to Oculus Lab
  • Place eye components: 0 / 4
  • Collect completed oculus
  • Open torso cage
  • Install oculus
  • Mount torso on crane
  • Follow prototype body
  • Go to turret shooting range
  • Let turrets kill scavs: 0 / 12
  • Attach turrets
  • Install Felicity
  • Escort Felicity
  • Attach legs
  • Follow prototype robot
  • Turn rail system
  • Head to diagnostics chamber
  • Install Felicity
  • Disable Felicity Rampant
  • Return to Moxxi


This mission is a multi-stage mission spanning airless tork-infested areas that soon give way to scav-controlled areas with occasional breathable environments. Most of the enemies can be ignored if the character is fast enough, though there are multiple areas where they are required to kill all the enemies in the proximity before they can proceed, them being:

  • The Stingray Factory (the roof vent does not open until all scavs in the factory are killed)
  • The area past the Stingray factory, where the character is contacted by Gladstone (the door only opens when all scavs are killed)
  • The entrance to the Titan Robot Production Plant (only the enemy powersuits must be defeated)
  • The security terminal area (must kill all scavs to gain access to power supply)
  • Unnamed incinerator area (metal gate does not open until upon killing all the scavs)
  • The crane control area (all scavs and their reinforcements must be killed before the office door can open itself)

Arguably the toughest stage prior to the boss fight is the turret testing, as the game will continue to generate badass enemies, which the turrets cannot tackle easily. Thankfully, no time limit exists, making the process easier. The scavs also do not concentrate too much fire on the turrets, so they will not be destroyed.

When Felicity is in her powersuit, characters are advised to keep their distance, as the scavs will attack them otherwise. Felicity cannot be destroyed (although she will lose health), so she does not need to be escorted, as she is capable of handling the enemies on the way with her devastating attacks (Ramming at enemies when far, stomping them, bludgeoning them with the arms, stomping, and firing the incendiary autocannon).

Felicity Rampant Boss Fight

Initially, Felicity is very clumsy and appears unaware of the full range of abilities of her new Badass Constructor body. She can attack by ramming, as well as her incendiary lasers and missiles. Their accuracy improves as she loses health, in addition to firing more missiles the less health she has. Dahl Security Bots will spawn to assist her, in addition to the two integrated blast turrets and a grenade turret. She will also move around frequently across multiple spots of the arena, but at one point halfway through the battle she will always head to the center platform and digistruct a set of loaders before leaving.

After the destruction of her turrets and a further loss of health, she starts to digistruct two Surveyor bots — regular repair and Protector one, with the former healing her (at a decent rate) and the latter surrounding her with an impenetrable shield, reflecting most types of projectiles and absorbing the rest (splash damage will still go through, such as with rocket launchers). Sometimes, only the shield drone is spawned. With the loss of her Powersuit legs, she learns how to use the built-in rocket engine for an incendiary nova attack (which is utilized at random). Finally, with the help of Gladstone she discovers how to digistruct prototype GUN Loaders, although they are similarly unarmed at first. Dahl Security Bots will no longer spawn at this point.

In the last stage of the fight, and on low health, Felicity completes her transition into a prototype Badass Constructor.

Felicity Rampant can pose serious threat on the first playthrough, but the difficulty in subsequent difficulty modes is largely offset by the availability of rocket launchers.


"You got a brain and now you've got the brawn. It's go time."

Turn In: Jack


Powersuit outside the map

  • Due to a very rare glitch, Felicity can sometimes get stuck in her spawn location, making it impossible to defeat her, as she will not move to the assigned location. She will still take damage until she only has 1 health, at which point the game becomes softlocked and forcing the player to quit to the main menu.
  • The objective to destroy three powersuits at the end of the Titan Industrial Facility can be prevented from being completed if any one of the powersuits becomes unreachable by getting lost in the geometry of the map. This issue is resolved by quitting to the main menu and reloading the save file.
  • If not enough eyes are collected from the Dahl Security bots and the game is quit, the objective will be reset.
  • Felicity's powersuit form can't hit enemies on some occasions, notably when they are located on higher elevations such as the fenced platforms. Her auto cannon does not deal splash damage, so the character must either force them to leave the vantage point or defeat them.
    • Occasionally, her AI may glitch when too many enemies are present, causing her to just spin in circles, unable to execute an attack. This does not occur often and usually corrects itself quickly, though if it persists, it is advisable for the character to eliminate a few enemies.
  • The powersuit's stomp attack can damage the character though the value is lower than the amount dealt to enemies.
  • The power supply's shock damage effect to the water does not apply to enemies standing in it, and does not scale up with the game's difficulty.

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