Legendary Reaper is a legendary class mod for the Psycho manufactured by bandits. It is only dropped by Tubby enemies after reaching Level 61.

Special Effects

"This is gonna get ugly."

Affected Variable

All variants of the Legendary Reaper class mod grant the following bonuses up to:

  • Team Kill Skill Duration: +99%


The Legendary Reaper class mod does not spawn with any optional prefixes.

Skill Bonuses

All variants of the Legendary Reaper class mod grant the following bonuses:


  • Variants of the Legendary Reaper class mod below level 50 will have lower attribute bonuses than +5, but cannot be obtained through legitimate means.
  • The Legendary Reaper class mod is added to the game by Digistruct Peak Challenge. It is not available to players lacking this DLC.


  • The kill skill duration of the Legendary Reaper is not a team bonus whereas its common variant and the Blister have it as a team bonus. Unlike team bonuses from other class mods, it is not available through other means.
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