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Legendary Hunter is a Legendary class mod for the Assassin manufactured by Jakobs. The Legendary Hunter is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Vermivorous The Invincible, Pete the Invincible, Voracidous the Invincible and Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

Special Effects[]

"I never die." – Using Decepti0n instantly restores 10% of your health.

Affected Variable[]

All variants of the Legendary Hunter class mod grant the following bonuses up to:

  • Cooldown Rate: +44%
  • Critical Damage: +35%
  • Reload Speed: +22%


The Legendary Hunter class mod does not spawn with any optional prefixes.

Skill Bonuses[]

Variants of the Legendary Hunter class mod may grant the following bonuses up to:


Dplc card4 hunter
  • A SHiFT code to grant a single character a Legendary Hunter is included in the Diamond Plate Loot Chest. The caption on the item card reads "Precision. Deadliness. Cool face masks."
  • The red text is a reference to one of Mordecai's quotes upon getting downed by an enemy in Borderlands.