Leave No Trace is a tier 1 passive skill in FL4K's Hunter skill tree with a re-trigger delay of 0.3 seconds. With this skill learned, whenever FL4K scores a critical hit, there is a chance that one ammo is added to their magazine.


  • Chance to add ammo: +12% per rank
Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Chance to add ammo +12% +24% +36% +48% +60%


  • Shotguns and other weapons that fire multiple projectiles per shot have a chance to restore ammo with each projectile. Critical hits from Torgue weapons fired in sticky mode can activate both on hit and detonation. With enough points in this skill and a little luck, it is possible to have a virtually unlimited magazine by scoring critical hits with these weapons.
  • Has great synergy with the Megavore capstone skill, making each shot have a chance to crit and thus a chance to return ammo.

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