Leadership is the tier 6 skill in Jack's Greater Good skill tree.

It causes a Digi-Jack's death to be counted as an enemy death. It also allows the player to gain a Second Wind as Digi-Jack dies. A Second Wind can only be gained this way once per Action Skill use.

Special Skill Text

"If we all work together, I can achieve anything!"


  • Leadership allows players to take full advantage of Jack's kill skills, increasing Jack's offensive or defensive abilities depending on which skills they invest in.
  • Investing points into Potential and Optimism can take further advantage of this the longer Expendable Assets lasts, rapidly spawning and killing new Digi-Jacks.
  • Putting a point into You Have My Shield isn't recommended if the player plans to use this skill in conjunction with the above strategy, as they don't synergize well with each other.
  • If however, the player chooses to invest in You Have My Shield, it can be used to great effect with Nova Shields, particularly the Black Hole, Supernova, or the Avalanche.

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Expendable Assets
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