Launcher is the title of a group of common rocket launchers in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are manufactured by Tediore and scavs and commonly spawn with the Tediore and scav barrels.

Usage & Description

Depending on which type of barrel the Launcher spawns with, the rockets fired can have varying properties:

  • Tediore barrel – Does nothing additional.
  • Scav barrel – Increased damage and reduced accuracy.

Notable Variants

  • Tediore Volt ThrowerUnique shock launcher with increased overall stats.
  • Tediore Kaneda's LaserLegendary explosive launcher that fires a laser and can inflict critical hits.
  • Scav BadaboomLegendary launcher that fires six rockets per shot.
  • Scav ThingyLegendary corrosive launcher that fires a rocket which splits into three homing grenades.


  • If the weapon and barrel are both of scav manufacture, it will fire three rockets per shot and the listed damage will be evenly divided among all three.
  • The Launcher is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.
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