Laser Sight is a tier 2 skill in Axton's Guerrilla skill tree. It increases Axton's Sabre Turret accuracy.


  • Sabre Turret Accuracy: +10% per level
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Turret Accuracy +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%

There are no class mods that boost this skill beyond 5 levels.


  • The turret obtains a visible green laser sight.
  • Although the accuracy advantage is only necessary if the turret is deployed to target enemies from great distances, it can help in close-range combat to keep track of what the turret is targeting.
  • The skill doesn't actually increase the turret's accuracy. Rather, the turret now aims for the target's head rather than their body, and the smaller target means that fewer shots will actually hit. So in effect, it actually reduces accuracy. It also forces the turret to spend more time locking on to a target before firing, which lowers DPS.
  • Even if the turret is destroyed, the green laser will still be visible.


  • If Double Up has been invested into, the second gun won't have a laser sight; unlike as shown in the Borderlands 2 Trailer.

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