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Larva Crab Worms are large purple crab like creatures found in Pandora. They are very distinctive because of their dark purple color. Larva Crab Worms have two large pincers at the front, and a bright purple eye in the center of their head. They have the ability to do a long-ranged corrosive attack that fires purple acid at you. They can also burrow themselves into the ground and reappear somewhere else.  Nonetheless, Larva Crab Worms should not be challenging opponents due to their low amount of armor and health.


They are not fast creatures, but they do like to get up and personal. If one of these locks onto you, it would be best to pull out a high damaging close range weapon, such as a Shotgun, so that you can get a good amount of shots on it and kill it with ease. The other method would be to use a sniper from long range and take the creature out from there, but be aware of the long ranged acid attack.

The purple 'eye' is the critical area, and does large amounts of damage. Striking this usually results in a one-shot-kill. Striking to the head by splash damage weapons can provide enormous amount of damage (up to 99999).

Another useful tactic is to use an explosive elemental weapon, as they appear to be vulnerable to that type of damage on the head and upper underbelly. Although, this may be due to the splash damage scoring a critical hit on the eye. A x4 explosive revolver is ideal for quick one-/two-shot kills.


  • Many of the tusked skulls on Pandora resemble their head shape showing just how big they can get, which is HUGE.
  • No "Crab Worms", or adult larvae, are ever encountered in the game.
  • Crawmerax the Invincible is a full grown Crab Worm
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