Larva Crab Worms are large purple lobster-like creatures found in Pandora. They are very distinctive because of their dark purple color. Larva Crab Worms have two large pincers at the front, and a bright purple eye in the center of their head. They have the ability to do a long-ranged corrosive attack that fires purple acid. They can also burrow into the ground to retreat and will emerge somewhere nearby.


They are not fast creatures, but they do like to move into melee range. If one of them gets close, it is prudent to counterattack it with a high damaging close range weapon, such as a Shotgun. Other weapons used from long range can also eliminate the crab worm effectively, although the medium range acid attack can still pose a threat.

The purple 'eye' is the creature's critical hit location, and sustains massive damage when hit. Striking this usually results in a one-shot-kill. Striking to the head by splash damage weapons can provide enormous amount of damage (up to 99999).

Another useful tactic is to use an explosive elemental weapon, as they appear to be vulnerable to that type of damage on the head and upper underbelly. Although, this may be due to the splash damage scoring a critical hit on the eye. A x4 explosive revolver is ideal for quick one-/two-shot kills.

Borderlands Guide Book Entry: Larva Crab Worms aren't as large as normal Crab Worms and they tend to not make themselves known until their prey mistakenly gets too close. They emerge from the ground and attack by spitting venom and using powerful claws. Keep your distance, jump around and strafe to avoid the spit attack, then shoot them in the eye.

One tactic is to get a powerful sniper rifle and aim for the dot


  • The "Loading" screen tips advise to use shock elemental weapons on Crab Worms.
  • Killing a Larva Crab Worm leaves a large corpse on the ground that may obscure another Larva Crab Worms sneaking from behind it to attack.


  • Many of the tusked skulls on Pandora resemble their head shape showing that some can grow to huge sizes. An example of how large some "Crab Worms" can get is shown by the boss Crawmerax the Invincible in DLC3.
  • No adult "Crab Worms" are encountered in the original Borderlands, but they appear in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC.
  • Crab Worms often roar the 'classic dinosaur roar', used in the movie "Jurassic Park".

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