Laney White is an optional boss in Borderlands 2, found in The Fridge. She is featured in the mission The Cold Shoulder.


Laney, at one time, found herself to be the unwilling love interest of Scooter. In order to avoid Scooter's advances, Laney joined the Rats and turned to a life of cannibalism, which seemed better by comparison. Scooter employs the Vault Hunters in an attempt to win her back with gifts of flowers and cold pizza.



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  • "Flowerssss? Pizza? It is sssso kind of you to bring me such giftssss... perhaps I was wrong to join the ratssss."


  • Laney White has an increased chance to drop the legendary Gub pistol.


  • Laney and her midget companions are a reference to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
  • In contradiction to the description which Scooter provides, Laney is bald.

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