The Landscaper is a unique shotgun manufactured by Torgue. It is obtained by completing the mission Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks and siding with the Hodunks.

Special Weapon Effects

Get off my lawn! – The Landscaper fires four small grenade-like projectiles at the cost of 2 shotgun ammo. Projectile spread forms the four points of a square. Grenades stick to any surface and explode several seconds after being fired. Grenades explode immediately if they come in contact with an enemy and explode again when the initial four grenades explode.

Usage & Description

Though the Landscaper tends to spawn with very high accuracy, the projectiles always form a square shape that make it difficult to use anywhere past point-blank range. The Landscaper instead can be used to "mine" an area around slow-moving enemies and those behind cover and in the path of advancing enemies. The typical magazine size allows for three volleys spreading twelve "mines" capable of dealing massive explosive damage to a concentrated area.


  • Damaging oneself with the Landscaper while equipped with an Absorb Shield will absorb Rocket Launcher ammunition.
  • The red flavor text could be a reference to the Clint Eastwood movie "Gran Torino." In the movie he points a rifle at some teenage gang members and says "Get off my lawn."
  • A casual prefix on this weapon will cause it to shoot six projectiles per trigger pull. The two extra projectiles will show up as an extra pair for the upper two or lower two in the shot pattern, alternating per trigger pull.
  • When fired under the "drunk" effect of the Grog Nozzle, it will shoot 9 projectiles per trigger pull (11 with the casual prefix).


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