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Lance Zombies are zombified human enemies exclusively encountered in Dead Haven. They are Crimson Lance soldiers who have been turned into a zombies. Their armor gives them a higher health and better armor than most other zombies. They are capable of deploying a Scorpio Turret at any time.



Explosive/Incendiary weapons are highly effective on them, just like normal zombies. Aiming for the thighs and crotch area tends to deal more damage than the rest of their bodies, as with normal lance soldiers, due to the fact the area is un-armoured. This is a good tactic if you are swarmed and achieving headshots proves too great a challenge, which is entirely possible as their hunched-over posture hides the silhouette of their head in front of their body, making target acquisition harder.


  • Lance Zombies all appear to be Crimson Lance infantry; however, they all have the ability to drop Scorpio Turrets, which living Lance infantry cannot do, only Lance Engineers.
    • It is unknown how they are able to deploy their turrets, as zombies presumably have lower intelligence.
    • When deploying a Scorpio turret, they use the same animation as vomiting.
  • Some Lance Zombies carry a pistol in their hand, although they never use them.