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Lance Shock Trooper are Crimson Lance troopers indicated by their blue colored armor and are highly resistant to shock damage. They tend to have either shock burst or shock-resistant shields and almost invariably have shock weapons. Badass Shock Troopers are equipped with backpacks which constantly recharge their shields. They are encountered in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.



Lance Shock Troopers wield Shock weapons and their shields often have the Shock Burst effect. Their specialized armor provides them with very high resistance to shock damage, even if they do not explicitly have Anionic or Cationic shields. Shock Troopers most commonly wield 3-shot burst combat rifles dealing shock elemental damage, which can whittle shields down quickly, especially if there is more than one Shock Trooper around.

In addition to the aforementioned traits, Badass/BadMutha/SuperBad variants have electrical generators with protruding tesla coils attached to their backs, which constantly recharge their shields (no recharge delay), making them somewhat more durable than the other Badass trooper variants. However, the backpacks can become unstable after being hit by focused gunfire, ultimately rupturing and exploding, dealing extreme amounts of damage to the trooper. Adequate damage to the powerpack is indicated by a thin, blue halo or corona and escaping jets of blue plasma, which pulse at regular intervals.

Badass Shock Trooper with Scorpio

Once the backpack is sufficiently damaged it will take a few seconds before detonating, so a Vault Hunter may stop shooting and take cover while waiting for it to detonate. The explosion will also cause heavy damage to surrounding characters, so stepping clear is advisable. If one were to have trouble hitting a Badass Shock Trooper's generator, they may use either an incendiary or corrosive weapon to deal constant damage. This prevents the shield from regenerating, allowing Vault Hunters to defeat the Badass Shock Trooper with relative ease. Badass Shock Troopers may also deploy turrets with a blue shield that fires shock bolts.


  • Lance Shock Troopers will often drop guns that deal shock damage, although the quality of these is commonly not very good. It is rare to find one with over a 3x shock effect.
  • They can drop shock, power and speed cores.
  • On rare occasions a Shock Trooper may drop a legendary combat rifle.
  • Shock troopers usually pose the biggest threat amongst groups of varied lance troopers due to their ability to deplete shields quickly. This can be greatly mitigated using the Atlas line of shock-resistant shields.
  • Regardless of the difficulty level that they appear in, Lance Shock Trooper's and Badass Shock Trooper's names remain unchanged.
  • when moving to far from their scorpio turret, Badass Shock Troopers chasing the character and only melee them.