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Lance Royal Guards are the elite corps of soldiers within the Crimson Lance and are rarely encountered. They are tactically efficient and well equipped bodyguard with a combination of high durability and damage output, making them very hard to kill.


Arguably the deadliest unit within the Crimson Lance, Lance Royal Guards are seen as elite bodyguards or aides to high ranking Crimson Lance officers, they are also far larger than a normal Crimson Lance soldier and are often equipped with superior weaponry and shields. Due to their elite status and specific role as a bodyguard unit, they are very rarely encountered. Lance Royal Guards are only seen initially as the personal guard of Commandant Steele, assisting her in her mission to open The Vault.

Another such appearance, where this time they must be fought, is in the company of Master McCloud. A pair of them are sent with him to eliminate the cornered Vault Hunters sneaking into the Crimson Fastness. In the second DLC, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, if Master McCloud spawns in the boss wave, two Lance Royal Guards will accompany him.

They also come with the final waves of the Circle of Duty missions in the third DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

Lance Royal Guard are not currently known to have a Badass variety, possibly due to the fact that the standard Royal Guard fulfill that role anyway.

Notable Lance Royal Guards

  • Master McCloud - High-ranked officer and member of the Lance Royal Guard.


Lance Royal Guards have high health and wear heavy armor, comparable if not superior to that of Lance Defenders and/or Lance Engineers, and is visibly differentiated by a purple colour scheme. This armor is often paired with a high quality shield, which makes them very tough to kill. However, this armor also slows them down, making them easy to outmaneuver. They also fight much like Lance Infantry, with automatic weapons, seeking cover when taking fire, and ducking down behind cover to reload their weapons. Unlike Lance Infantry, Lance Royal Guards will try to close in to get more accurate and damaging fire upon their targets.

Corrosive and Shock weapons are the recommended choice of armament to use against Lance Royal Guards because of their heavy armor, and shields. Fast firing Submachine Guns (SMGs), combat rifles, and shotguns are also effective at getting critical hits on their heads, causing them to flinch, and whittling down their high health.