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Lance Rocketeers are Crimson Lance soldiers equipped with a jetpack, allowing flight. They first appear in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.



Rocketeers are identified by the distinct sound their jetpacks make as they fly about the battlefield. They have some of the lightest armor of the Lance forces, but more than make up for it with their mobility. Because they wear jetpacks, Rocketeers are capable of quickly flying about, flanking their enemies and generally harassing them until killed. If not found and eliminated quickly, Lance Rocketeers can be very lethal. Their weapons of choice are combat rifles.

The badass variety, like most badass Crimson Lance, wear dark black and red armor. In addition, they almost always use rocket launchers. Due to their attacks from high elevations, they are often able to fire at enemies who are hidden behind cover. Their rockets tend to inflict splash damage on their targets even when dodged, when they hit the ground nearby. Compared to most badasses, they aren't that much tougher than standard Rocketeers, but the combination of a rocket launcher and the inherent "high ground" of an airborne vantage point is deadly.

As with most other armored Crimson Lance troops, Rocketeers are extremely vulnerable to corrosive damage, and as they are less durable than most other Crimson Lance units, this vulnerability is that much more conspicuous. A potent corrosive weapon will melt them with ease, and even a Corrosive x1 weapon can make the fight easier.

When present, Rocketeers of any type should be a priority target, as their aerial vantage point allows them firing angle that bypass most conventional cover, and thus makes it much harder for the player to recharge shields.


  • Shooting their jetpack enough will cause it to explode, killing them.
  • Rocketeers are often found around the bosses on the mission This Bitch is Payback.
  • Badass rocketeers with shock rocket launchers can kill a Vault Hunter below them in level or at their level with a non shock-resistant shield in 1-2 shots.
  • Regardless of the difficulty level that they appear in, Lance Rocketeer's and Badass Rocketeer's names remain unchanged.

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