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Lance Pyros are Crimson Lance units introduced in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. They are incendiary weapons specialists who frequently use shields that are resistant to incendiary damage.



Lance Pyros commonly wield incendiary weapons and their shields often have incendiary resistance and the Fire Burst effect. While the damage this causes is usually moderate, the graphic effect of the flames it can cause can be difficult to target through. Their incendiary resistance combines with the armour advantage shared by all Crimson Lance troopers to afford them a serviceable double-layered defence against both physical and incendiary damage.

Badass variants are slow moving units that have little regard for their own safety and won't seek cover, relying instead on their inherent fortitude. However, they have flame canisters strapped to their backs, which explode violently and inflict heavy damage to the trooper if destroyed, sometimes killing them outright. Vault Hunters caught in the blast will likewise sustain heavy damage, and can be crippled by the same blast that killed a Badass Pyro.

Corrosive attacks can be useful when employed against Lance Pyros.


  • The flame tanks worn on the backs of Badass Pyros do not benefit from the same incendiary resistance as the Pyros themselves.
  • Lance Pyros usually use (and drop) combat rifles that inflict incendiary damage.
  • Badass Pyros may deploy a turret with orange shield wings that shoots a flamethrower-like blast.
  • Regardless of the difficulty level that they appear in, Lance Pyro's and Badass Pyro's names remain unchanged.