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Lance Probes are flying robots that the Crimson Lance use to guard areas against unauthorized personnel. They are often encountered when on highways or other areas that can be explored in a vehicle, especially before roadblocks. They will often broadcast humorous Atlas slogans.


Five Lance Probes need to be destroyed around T-Bone Junction in the side mission Big Crimson Brother is Watching. The Lance Probes otherwise present themselves as relatively weak guard units along the highways.



Lance Probes activate and rise into the air when characters approach them. Once airborne, they hover after their targets at a sedate pace and attack from above. Their attacks, while not particularly dangerous, have the problem of coming from a small, agile unit that can present a troublesome target at close range. The Lance Probes' formidable shields can withstand a significant amount of punishment, however once depleted the structure of the drones themselves are actually quite fragile and easily destroyed. Each time a Lance Probe is destroyed a new drone will rise to replace it and these will keep emerging until the immediate supply is exhausted, which can result in up to six of them appearing in sequence.

Using a vehicle to speed past Probes is advisable on the highway. The Probes won't have enough time to attack and are easily avoidable. Stopping during this tactic will allow multiple Probes to spawn and all of the bypassed Probes to catch up.


  • "At Atlas, safety is our primary concern. When near drone, please avoid shooting, cursing, skipping, and-or jump-roping."
  • "Atlas guarantees you will be satisfied with your cause of death. Not a guarantee."
  • "Atlas kindly reminds you that any inappropriate touching, caressing, flirting, or propositioning of drones will be immediately reported to Robot Resources."
  • "Atlas regrets that you are on its 'must die' list and hopes that you will continue to use our products should you survive this encounter."
  • "Atlas strives to provide the best in automated killing. Please report any unauthorized robotic homicides to your nearest Atlas representative."
  • "Atlas thanks you for your sacrifice, and would like to assure you that your body meat will be promptly recycled. Atlas, preserving Pandora for the future!"
  • '"Atlas would like to inform you that during this difficult transition from living to death, you will enjoy our fine Atlas products in the afterlife!"
  • "Attention hostile: if you would allow us to murder you peacefully, it would be appreciated, and make your clean-up easier. Thank you."
  • "Be sure to tell your family to buy an Atlas-brand casket to ensure your mangled corpse will be preserved for another lifetime."
  • "Failure to comply with dying may result in unnecessary damage to clothing and/or flesh."
  • "If you would like to purchase a drone of this kind, please contact Sheila in the wholesale department. Atlas, the power of the Gods in your hands."
  • "In case of flooding, this drone is not to be used as a personal floatation device. Doing so may result in electrocution or loss of eyeballs."
  • "Killing you will bring peace and prosperity back to Pandora. It's for the greater good!"
  • "Only you can prevent drone fires. Please be sure to only charge drones in approved wall sockets."
  • "Remember, citizens, bullets cost money and resources. Do your part by dying quickly."
  • "The Atlas Corporation would like to take this moment to remind you of its fine line of insurance policies. Please think of your family during this time of physical crisis."
  • "Warning: Removal of the attached label is punishable by instant death."
  • "Warning: Improper drone usage may result in accidental continuation of life."
  • "Warning: The contents of this drone can poison small pets, livestock, and people named Jason."
  • "Your sweet release is at hand... Please stand by."


  • Many of the Drone's quotes are advertising Atlas products.
  • There is at least one inactive drone on a rooftop in T-Bone junction. Shooting it does not activate it.
  • The quote, "Only you can prevent drone fires", is a reference to the United States Forest Service mascot "Smokey Bear" whose slogan is "Only you can prevent forest fires".