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Lance Mines

Lance Mines are large naval mines lying scattered in the sands of the former sea- and lake beds.


During the Crimson Lance's first occupation of Pandora, these mines were likely placed when the lakes and sea were still holding water to help the Lance control the waterways. Now that the bodies of water have all but dried up, most of the mines now rest in the dry sand, still armed and ready to detonate if they detect something nearby.


The mines are red spheres larger than a Lancer with grey/black spiked bands. They can be found within the Parched Fathoms, more specifically Sunken Sea, Deep Fathoms and Road's End, half-buried in the sand, sometimes concealed behind larger obstacles, such as rock jutting from the walls of a cliff. Approaching too close to them will cause the mine to make an audible cue then go off. While they aren't technically an enemy, they will explode if the player ventures too close to them, doing a devastating amount of damage in a radial pattern over a wide area, although vehicles are more likely to trigger them than a character on foot. As one might assume from the sheer size of a naval mine, the explosion can automatically down player characters caught in their blast.

Lance Mines are also found scattered across the Tundra Express where their red paint has faded to a reddish-pink and can be disarmed by pulling a green lever on the side of the Lance Mine. Disarming five Lance Mines completes the challenge What's Yours Is Mine.


Some mines that aren't near the character's intended path can be ignored, but others may be in the way. The delay between target detection and detonation is sufficient that a turbo-boosting Racer can zoom past their detection radius and escape the ensuing blast, but this is definitely not a recommended maneuver to perform repeatedly.

Mines can be cleared from a distance with weapon fire if enough damage is dealt to set them off. Vehicular rocket launchers are ideal for this purpose. Grenades, rockets and even Carnage rockets can detonate them if they land on or pass near a mine; they don't even need to deal enough damage to destroy them but can detonate mines by mere proximity or contact. Lastly, corrosive and explosive damage seem to be most effective in detonating them.

Because they will also kill enemies who venture too close, they can be used to eliminate tough foes such as Drifters and Cheta Paws. Destroying a Lance Mine while downed will not give a Second Wind.