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Lance Combat Medics are equipped with a Lance Aid Station Scorpio that, when deployed, heals Crimson Lance allies within a certain radius.



Medics can be difficult to kill. If not dispatched promptly, they can heal up to full health due to the restorative capabilities of their Aid Station Scorpio. It is advisable to kill the medics as fast as possible before they deploy their turrets. Once deployed, they can be targeted directly, especially with corrosive damage, or the Medic can be killed to destroy it.

It is especially important to eliminate Medics quickly if tougher-than-standard enemies are around - Badasses of any description, arguably Lance Defenders, Devastators, and above all, General Knoxx himself. This is because the healing done by the Aid Station Scorpio is proportional to the maximum health of the target being healed. Standard infantry (including the Medics) can be battered down through the healing effect, doing so with tougher enemies is extremely difficult, and more so with Knoxx. The Aid Station Scorpio can heal in seconds, damage that may have taken several minutes to deal to Knoxx in the first place, making the Medics, or the scorpios, priority targets.

If multiple Medics spawn and all deploy their scorpios, an effective response is to concentrate fire on the scorpios first. They are small targets once their shield wings are knocked out, so either area-of-effect or high-accuracy weapons are recommended.


  • Compared to other Crimson Lance units Medics seem to have much higher resistances to elemental weapons.
  • They behave like their Lance Engineer counterparts and deploy a Lance Aid Station Scorpio when under attack.


  • The scorpio is still shielded but has what looks like a Insta-Health Vial on it instead of a gun.
  • Unlike most scorpio turrets in the game, the aid stations are very easily dispatched with combat rifle or shotgun fire.
  • Unlike most Crimson Lance Soldiers, there is no badass version of the medic.
  • Regarldess of the difficulty level that they appear in, Lance Combat Medic's name remains unchanged.