Lair of the Harpy is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Sir Hammerlock.


"Aurelia Hammerlock, Sir Hammerlock's sister and CEO of the Jakobs Corporation, is offering to pay you to leave Eden-6. She's invited you to Jakobs Manor to negotiate. It's almost certainly a trap. It's also the only way to find the Eden-6 Vault Key."



  • Return to Floodmoor Basin
  • Talk to Wainwright
  • Go to Jakobs Manor
  • Ride lift
  • Ring doorbell
  • Go to dining hall
  • Survive ambush
  • Go to theater
  • Kill Anointed goliath
  • Enter projection booth
  • Unlock trap door
  • Enter secret room
  • Find Vault Key clue
  • Take record
  • Exit through cellar
  • Return to Wainwright
  • Give record to Wainwright


Billy, the Anointed is a fearsome foe. Not only he is tough, but also fast and also ignores walls.


Punch - punches the target.

Pounce: Jumps far producing a shock shockwave of medium range upon landing.

Burning Skulls; spews few burning projectiles that slowly home on their target and produce Incendiary field on impact.

Clap shockwave - claps producing shockwave of, supposedly, unlimited range (goes through walls).

Shock bolt- tossess an energy grenade-like bolt of shock element. Usually at close range.

  • Skulls may be destroyed or even evaded, there isn't much space to do so though cause the the theater is crammed with props (stage isn't).
  • Shockwave may be jumped ove but only when it runs low enough - so generally if it was casted when you were standing on the ground as it is aimed to hit at the waist level. If you jumped during casting, expect shockwave impossible to avoid (may try slide below, good luck with all those props around;).
    • Naturally if you are above Billy the shockwave can't hit you at all. But don't expect the paradise to last forever as he can phase to you in split second.
  • Pounce is easiest to avoid as simply timing the jump correctly protects from it. And it is slow enough to react to it.
  • Billy has no shield, and is meaty so Incendiary attacks work well.
  • And crits to his skull.

Local Fanatics may provide Second Wind opportunities, but only till they aren't killed off.


"Still can't believe the Calypsos murdered my father. I need to get my record player working, but you know Aurelia's gonna send all those damn zealots to find us. If we're gonna last enough to open that Vault, we'll need an army of our own. I'm talking a Jakobs resistance."

Turn In: Wainwright Jakobs


  • Mission item: Monty's Wooden Record

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