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Lady Finger is a unique repeater pistol manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained from the mission Nine-Toes: Take Him Down.

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Special Weapon Effects

Omnia vincit amor – +100% critical damage.

Usage & Description

The Lady Finger is a swatter type repeater pistol with a powerful critical damage bonus for a weapon acquired early in the game. It often has great all-round stats, being of Hyperion manufacture.

The Lady Finger is a good choice to use against Nine Toes as he will generally stand out in the open and fire. This makes him an easy target for headshots to make good use of the Lady Finger's critical bonus.

The Lady Finger effect comes from the LadyFinger_barrel1 barrel. It improves damage, accuracy, and gives the critical hit bonus. The unique Lady Finger material LadyFinger_Material is equivalent to Hyperion Material_Hyperion_1. Lady Finger always spawns with a TK body and action2, and will always have a quality sight or a scope. It can spawn with any accessory, more frequently in the second playthrough than in the first. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.


  • The Lady Finger can occasionally drop from Moe.
  • The Lady Finger cannot spawn with the Invader sight.


  • The red text is a Latin phrase meaning 'Love conquers all,' penned by the Roman poet Virgil in his poem Eclogues, Chapter X, Verse 69.
  • The weapon is obtained from the grave of T.K. Baha's wife, Marian. In the mission description, he states that it was her weapon of choice.
  • This gun has a Borderlands 2 counterpart called the Lady Fist which offers a similar bonus, but far more extreme.

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LadyFinger_barrel1 barrel1
Accuracy Minimum: -20%
Damage: +15%
Spread: -20%
Critical Damage: +100%

Damage: -4%