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Lab Rats are almost polar opposites to the other rats: they are much larger, slow moving and have very high health. They appear in areas populated by bandits.



Lab Rats don't pick up loot or items on the ground, and attack mainly from close range. The only time a Lab Rat will attack from a range is when he cannot reach a target and at that point will begin to toss a buzz axe in a manner similar to a regular Psycho. If they get close to their target, they will unleash a devastating eye-laser attack that can quickly destroy shields and wearers alike. As they advance towards their target, they will cover their face with their non-mutated left arm, making it harder to score a critical hit. Shotguns are effective in hitting their head even if blocked by their hands thanks to the pellet spread.



  • R.O.U.S is an acronym for Rodents Of Unusual Size. This is a reference to the strange rats that inhabit the fire swamp in the 1973 novel and 1987 movie The Princess Bride.