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Kyros' Power is a unique sniper rifle manufactured by Atlas. It is a guaranteed drop from Kyros.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

Good Touch – Explosive x1-3. Procs with transfusion trails. High Damage

Usage & Description[]

Kyros' Power is a high damage explosive sniper rifle with transfusion shots. It does not have any special elemental abilities that would make it proc harder or more often. Kyros' Power does not have defining features, aside from its transfusion effect, which warrant special usage. It is primarily a standard sniper rifle with exceptional damage.


Kyros' Power gets its effect from the acc2_KyrosPower accessory. It is based on acc2_Explosive, but also increases damage like acc4_Heavy. Kyros' Power does not have any part restrictions, and is made of Material_KyrosPower_3, which is the same as Material_Atlas_3. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

acc2_KyrosPower acc2_Explosive acc4_Heavy
Damage: +30%
Tech Level: +6
Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6
Damage: +18%
Tech Level: +1
Recoil: +18%


  • Kyros' Power will not produce transfusion trails when wielded by Kyros himself.
  • The healing trails will head towards the nearest party member to the target but will heal anyone upon contact, including enemies who stray into the return path.
  • The transfusion effect still triggers on dead enemies, as long as the ragdoll has not been disabled.
  • The transfusion effect will also trigger when shooting vehicles or NPCs.
  • The relatively short lifetime of the transfusion trails limits the effective range of Kyros' Power as a long-range healer, as the health may not make it back in time to heal the shooter. It can still be useful in multiplayer to support a close-range firefight while the shooter is farther away.
  • May spawn with the Cyclops scope.
  • Roland can use Kyros' Power for two-fold healing, using cauterize to heal his turret or a friendly vehicle and the transfusion trail to heal himself if he's close enough.
  • Sometimes the explosive multiplier will have no number, just the explosive symbol. This may occur when the tech pool allows for a multiplier of 2 or 3 instead of the default 1, however x2 and x3 variants with the appropriate elemental multiplier numeral do still appear.
  • Shield bypass with the Vladof Vengeance or Mordecai's Trespass skill will sometimes negate the healing effect.


  • The Greek word "kyros" is a male name that means "far sighted." A nuance of the same word can be translated loosely as "love" or "a legitimate, but more limited, moral authority whose wielder takes into consideration the good of those over whom it is exercised," hence, the "good touch" flavor text. [1]