Krieg is the playable Psycho class character in Borderlands 2. He is the sixth playable character in the game and was revealed on March 24, 2013, in the Borderlands 2 Krieg the Psycho Character Reveal Trailer. He was released on May 14th, 2013 on Steam and PlayStation Network for $9.99, or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.


Whatever Krieg went through to make him the blood-drinking, meat-loving killer that he is, he wasn't always like this. Krieg's psyche has a remnant of who he used to be--a literal inner voice which forces Krieg to only kill the deserving, and help others. The voice remarks that he remembers helping people, getting paid with loot, and other Vault-hunter-esque pursuits. It's also informed Krieg that should Krieg ever kill an innocent person, the inner voice will take over and commit suicide to kill them both.

In his graphic backstory, Krieg is shown wandering the wastelands wielding only his buzz axe, killing bandits and other hostiles along the way. The inner voice seemed to have far less influence on his actions, barely able to keep his blood lusting vessel targeting hostiles over non-combatants. After narrowly avoiding getting splattered, Krieg sees Maya at a train station. Krieg's inner voice knew she was a Siren and a Vault Hunter, and told Krieg to ally with her. Krieg, however, screamed at the top of his lungs, "I'm the conductor of the POOP train!". Maya interprets this as being hostile and opens fire, only to attract a pack of rats.

Too focused on Krieg, Maya does not see the cannibals approach from behind. Somehow Krieg's inner voice, with some difficulty, managed to influence his darker side to warn Maya by shouting, "Turn around, pretty lady!" and he defends Maya, butchering the rats and terrifying one of them unconscious. After helping Krieg finish off the rest of them, Maya softens up to the madman, and Krieg's inner self gains hope that perhaps he can regain himself, though his outer self was too preoccupied screaming about ribcages and cockatiels to express it. Afterwards he is seen clinging to the side of the train, which explains how he ended up in Windshear Waste.


Action Skill: Buzz Axe Rampage

[Fire] to swing buzz axe, [Aim] + [Fire] to throw buzz axe.

500% Melee Damage, regain all Health on kill.

Duration: ~15 seconds.

Cooldown: 120 seconds, reduced  by taking damage.


Focuses on ranged combat using a Bloodlust stack mechanic. Dealing damage to an enemy adds a stack of Bloodlust to a maximum of 100. Stacks decay after 3 seconds if you haven’t dealt damage at a rate of 1 stack per second.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Blood Twitch
Blood Twitch
1 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +0.3% Weapon Swap speed per Bloodlust stack per level. Dealing damage to an enemy adds a stack of Bloodlust. Stacks decay after a few seconds if you haven't dealt damage.
Blood-Filled Guns
Blood-Filled Guns
1 5 +0.5% Magazine Size per Bloodlust stack per level. Dealing damage to an enemy adds a stack of Bloodlust. Stacks decay after a few seconds if you haven't dealt damage.
Blood Overdrive
Blood Overdrive
2 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a bullet gives +0.5% Melee Damage and -0.005s Grenade Fuse Time per Bloodlust stack per level for a short time.
Bloody Revival
Bloody Revival
2 5 +0.3% Assault Rifle damage during Fight For Your Life per Bloodlust stack per level.
Taste of Blood
Taste of Blood
2 5 +0.1% damage reduction during Buzz Axe Rampage per Bloodlust stack per level. +10 Bloodlust stacks per kill (+5 per level) during Buzz Axe Rampage.
Blood Bath
Blood Bath
3 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a grenade or explosion gives +0.5% weapon damage per Bloodlust stack per level for a short time. Enemies killed this way have a 15% chance per level of dropping Grenade ammunition.
Buzz Axe Bombardier
Buzz Axe Bombardier
3 1 When thrown, your buzz axe now has Dynamite attached to it which explodes on impact.
Fuel the Blood
Fuel the Blood
3 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a melee attack gives +0.2% (+0.2% per level) Grenade Damage per Bloodlust stack per level for a short time and adds +2 Bloodlust stacks per level.
Boiling Blood
Boiling Blood
4 5 Increases the time before Bloodlust stacks start to decay by 0.5 seconds per level.
Blood Trance
Blood Trance
4 5 Increases the duration of Buzz Axe Rampage by 0.05 seconds per Bloodlust stack (at time of activation) per level.
Nervous Blood
Nervous Blood
5 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +0.3% Reload Speed per Bloodlust stack per level for a short time.
6 1 Killing an enemy causes them to explode with an Elemental Nova matching the element of the damage that killed it (Non-elemental damage will cause an explosive nova). Overkill damage is added to this damage. Each Bloodlust stacks increases this damage by 5%.


Focuses on melee combat and Health/Fight For Your Life mechanics.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Empty the Rage
Empty the Rage
1 5 +4% Melee Damage per level; additional +10% per level when shields or magazine is empty.
Pull the Pin
Pull the Pin
1 1 When you die, you drop a free grenade. If you kill an enemy with it, you get double XP.
Feed the Meat
Feed the Meat
1 5 +10% Max Health and +0.5 sec Shield Recharge Delay per level.
Fuel the Rampage
Fuel the Rampage
2 5 +20% Buzz Axe Rampage cooldown from taking damage per level; additional +20% per level from Health damage. You can now be damaged by teammates; friendly fire damage is 50% - 5% per level.
Embrace the Pain
Embrace the Pain
2 5 +7% Fire Rate per level when shields are down. +1 sec Shield Recharge Delay per level.
Thrill of the Kill
Thrill of the Kill
3 5 Up to 10% per level of overkill damage (damage that is over and above what was needed to kill the enemy) is returned to you as Health, depending on how low your health is.
Light the Fuse
Light the Fuse
3 1 Fight For Your Life is replaced with Light the Fuse. During Light the Fuse you pull out a live bundle of dynamite and can move normally. The bundle detonates when the timer runs out. If you kill someone you are revived.

Getting a revive with the bundle explosion gives you bonus Movement Speed for the remainder of the time that was left in Light the Fuse.

Throw Dynamite sticks with Fire. Detonate bundle by holding the reload button.

Strip the Flesh
Strip the Flesh
3 5 +3% Explosive damage per level; additional +3% per level in Fight For Your Life.
Redeem the Soul
Redeem the Soul
4 1 You can instantly Revive teammates at the cost of downing yourself. You may revive in this way only once each time Buzz axe Rampage is on cooldown. +50% Fight For Your Life time.
Salt the Wound
Salt the Wound
4 5 Taking damage from an enemy while your shield is down adds a stack of Salt the Wound to a maximum of 20. +1.5% Melee Damage and +1% Shotgun damage per stack per level.
Silence the Voices
Silence the Voices
5 5 +50% Melee Damage per level. 12% chance to attack yourself with melee attacks.
Release the Beast
Release the Beast
6 1 Activating the Buzz Axe Rampage when at or below 33% of your max health remaining (i.e., when the ! is showing) instantly refills your health and transforms you into a Badass Psycho Mutant with +100% Melee Damage and +50% Damage Reduction. Buzz Axe Rampage is instantly recharged afterwards.


Focuses on elemental effects, particularly setting oneself on fire. Bonuses that apply only when on fire are in orange text.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Burn, Baby, Burn
Burn, Baby, Burn
1 5 +7%, +15% burn damage per level. 7% chance (+7% per level) per fire attack to set self on fire.
Fuel the Fire
Fuel the Fire
1 5 Kill Skill. 7% chance (+7% per level) per fire attack to set self on fire. Killing an enemy gives +40% Elemental Effect Chance (+40% per level) for a short time.
Pain is Power
Pain is Power
2 5 +5%, +10% Weapon and Melee Damage per level (except for Sniper Rifles). -5% Critical Hit Damage (-5% per level)
Numbed Nerves
Numbed Nerves
2 5 +10% damage reduction per level when on fire.
Elemental Elation
Elemental Elation
3 5 When Elemental Status Effect Damage is being done to enemies you gain stacks of Elemental Elation up to a maximum of 20. Each stack gives +1.0% Fire Rate and Magazine Size per level. Stacks will not decay while you are on fire.
Delusional Damage
Delusional Damage
3 1 All Elemental Status Effects you cause have a chance to light yourself on fire. Ignite chances are determined by those accumulated from Burn, Baby, Burn and Fuel the Fire.
Fire Fiend
Fire Fiend
3 5 Melee Attacks have a 10% per level chance to Ignite enemies. +10% Weapon Accuracy and +7% Reload Speed when on fire.
Hellfire Halitosis
Hellfire Halitosis
4 1 Melee Override Skill. Pressing Melee causes you to breathe fire in a cone in front of you. Cooldown is 15 seconds.
Flame Flare
Flame Flare
4 5 +20% Burn Duration on you per level. 15% chance per level for your Burn effects to apply another Burn effect.
Elemental Empathy
Elemental Empathy
5 5 A percentage (5% per level) of Elemental Status Effect Damage done to enemies heals you.
Raving Retribution
Raving Retribution
6 1 While you are on fire, taking damage from enemies will spawn homing balls of fire that seek out the attacker and explode on impact. Fireballs only trigger once per second.


Parentheses indicate Krieg's inner voice speaking.

When joining a game

  • I'm here to shank and smile!
  • It's time to bleed!
  • Who's ready to flay some scalps?!
  • Mahahaha! My mind is on fire!
  • (If I harm an innocent person, kill me.)

While Raving Retribution is active

  • Over here, my sweet meats, your prince of justice and genocide has something to say: Gone are the days of the tentacle and the age of the gods and mercy is far away... We are the fighters of the middle, the second act in the three-part MEAT play, AND I WILL WIN BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR!
  • I know what I have become... I am the inside of this world... I taste the gore, and I smell the crying... AND I WANT MORE! I want to bathe in your flesh, I want to savor your fear. I wanna live inside a castle built of your agony, AND I WANT TO CRUMBLE IT WITH AN AXE TO YOUR CAROTID ARTERY!
  • Keep your chin up, SO I CAN SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!! Oh, there's no time to cry... We have to squeeze the whimpers out of you like a smothered baby in the night... You won't make a noise now, will you, WILL YOU!! Stay quiet, OR YOU'RE DEAD! NOW AND FOREVER!!
  • Pitiful people prepare, plead plentifully plentiful platitude phenomenal patriot pounds, poundingly perverse puppets pulping, pleasantly, putrid pasties.
  • Look at me when I scream at your soul! You loud sacks of filth and sour cream can hit me with your pain pinatas all day, but you'll never take the jellied fantasies of my wasted youth! My stomach is clear and my mind is full of bacon!
  • I can't see her anymore... She was so clear and bright... but the blood is in my eyes, and now I can only watch the ocean of blood... Its waves crash against my forehead again and again, AND I JUST NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SURF!!
  • You're gonna scream, just like she did; open mouth, open heart, blood and noise forever piercing my skull, poisoning me with its psychopathic purple liquid. We watched it all, and felt the knife split down the middle... CAN YOU HEAR ME?!
  • I'll never forget the way her holes cried... The way she screamed in agony as she pushed the knife slowly into my sternum... Such a beautiful symphony of feelings, and at the end of it, she was so much greater! My operatic diva of flesh and steel!!
  • I'm gonna kill you all, I'm gonna kill your friends and your family, I'm gonna track down your grandparents and turn them inside-out, nobody can stop the blood train that will turn your loved ones into a red splatter across the tracks of humanity!
  • Box cover, box cover! I'm the one who eats the stardom! I'm the hero of all the villans! You can't swallow my morality like a lollipop pill! I'll run around your mind and set the world record with my meat sleeves!
  • This is my favorite song! Dance to the drum beat of the ballistic, fetishistic, sadistic piss-stick! Let the bullets scrape me clean and never, ever, ever flash a sassy eye at the good doctor!
  • There is no me, there is no you! There is only the never ending spit and bile of combat! The twenty-four hour murder spree of shining metal! I drink the blood and eat the loot and breathe the numbers, because I! AM! A MONSTER! NOW AND FOREVER!
  • (The voices said 'empty, hollow and thud'. The voices said 'empty, hollow and thud'.) THE VOICES SAID 'EMPTY, HOLLOW AND THUD'!!

When activing Buzz Axe Rampage

  • (This is gonna get ugly...)
  • (You asked for it...I can't hold it back any longer...!)
  • [maniacal laughter]
  • (It's time...)
  • NO!! DON'T DO IT!!

When killing multiple enemies

  • [unintelligible roaring noises]
  • I told ya what would happen!
  • I swallowed your soul!
  • (Yes, make them pay for what they did to us...)

When Release the Beast is available

  • I feel the hurt...time for a rampage!
  • Rampage and fill the red bar!
  • I'm losing blood...gimme yours!
  • My axe is thirsty!
  • It's time to go insane!
  • Rampage and heal, heal and rampage!

When Crippled

  • Nobody kills me but ME!
  • I didn't eat it!
  • No last words for the eighth!
  • I'll lick your spine clean!
  • Everything is blood!
  • I LIKE this part... IT SUSTAINS ME!!
  • I taste blood... mine AND yours!!
  • Time to make some head wounds!
  • Get over here and smell my meat!
  • I've got a spot for you in my liver!
  • I don't want to go!
  • [Furious screaming]
  • (Get up! We've still got bad guys to kill...)

When activating Light the Fuse

  • Boom!
  • Gotcha!
  • Tick-Tock!
  • DIE!

When Pull the Pin is activated

  • From hell's heart, I stab at thee!
  • Martyr for my little one...
  • We'll all go together!
  • I'm taking you with me...

When getting Critical Kills

  • How can I snap your neck if you don't have one?!
  • Bathe in the meat chunks!
  • MEAT!!!
  • It's a baptism of blood!
  • YOU MAKE ME VOMIT! [laughs]

After Killing a Badass (or higher) enemy

  • [maniacal laughter]
  • Now, GO TO SLEEP! 
  • Now to kill your family! [laughs]
  • Your FAMILY is next!!
  • Why did your BLOOD stop singing its sweet song...

When getting a Second Wind with Light The Fuse

  • Explosions of life!
  • Circle of Life!
  • Born into flame!
  • Immortal!
  • Death to LIVE!!
  • I'll take you ALL with me!
  • Not fast enough!

When getting Vehicle kills

  • Your liver is a hood ornament!
  • Insurance fraud!
  • Train won't stop!
  • I love it when you splash on my windshield!
  • Thank you for riding the Psycho Express, Tooh-tooh! All aboard, I'll be collecting your tickets, we have beverages in the DINING CAR!!!

When Silence the Voices activates (Self Damage)

  • Stop hitting yourself!!
  • I hate me!!
  • The pain goes HERE!
  • SHUT UP!!
  • QUIET!!
  • NO, NO, NO!!
  • (Dude, what are you doing?)
  • (I deserve this.)
  • (You can't get rid of me THAT easily...)

When reviving an ally

  • [menacingly] Love you...
  • There's no barbecue 'til I say there's a barbecue!
  • Can't make the pain scream from down there!
  • I will murder your death.
  • You don't die today. YOU DIE EVERY DAY!!
  • The skargleblargs won't get you today.
  • You get back on your meat haunches!
  • Don't's a good touch.
  • It's a bad, bad flesh rip that leaves YOU screaming.
  • (That's right, help 'em. Just like old times...)

When gaining stacks of Salt the Wound

  • Hurt me more!
  • Hurts so good!
  • No pain, no gain!
  • Nothing makes me stronger than a sucking chest wound!
  • There is nothing but agony!
  • Stab me a THOUSAND TIMES!!
  • It hurts, hahahaha! IT HURTS!!
  • Pain is LIFE!!
  • Make me bleed!
  • A pain of many parts!
  • The sting of POWER!
  • (Damn, that hurts...)

When revived or being revived

  • Why aren't you stabbing me?
  • (Say 'thank you'.) NIPPLE SALADS!! (...Close enough.)
  • Somebody still cares!?
  • Stranger Danger!
  • I can't even feel a knife in my spine...
  • I was enjoying that!
  • What're you doing to me?!
  • I am unused to the emotions I am currently feeling!
  • I'm so happy I could KILL you!
  • Don't make this weird!

On earning a Second Wind

  • (Get still got bad guys to kill...)
  • (On your feet, she might still be out there.)
  • You woke the wrong dog!
  • I'm not full yet!
  • Angry, I'm angry!
  • Let me hear those screams!
  • My flesh is forever!
  • It's strangling time!
  • I'm back!

While Idle

  • Why aren't my fingers in someone's eye sockets right now... Why aren't my fingers in someone's eye sockets right now... Why aren't my fingers in someone's eye sockets right now... Why aren't my fingers in someone's eye sockets right now... Why aren't my fingers in someone's eye sockets right now... Why aren't my fingers in someone's eye sockets right now...
  • (Where is she? Is she still alive? Did she get away?)
  • (If you ever kill an innocent person, I will destroy us.) Shut UP!! (No. That's the deal. You can kill as many of the deserving as you like, but the second your axe touches the flesh of an innocent, I'll end this. All of it. A razor to the veins, just like that fugitive we tried to grab on Hera, remember?) Nnnnngh, get out of my head!! (...I'll take that as a 'yes.')
  • Somebody open me up and put out the fire in my belly... Put it out with knives and bullets and strangling, or I will eat your nephews!
  • (Nice change of pace not to be murdering someone for once. Probably temporary, though. I'll lose my mind again and be screaming about meat and fluid soon enough... But this part feels... nice.)
  • You think this is the end... It will never end. The blood, the screaming, and the teeth, it will start again and again and again, forever!
  • NIPPLE SALADS! Nipple salads... NIPPLE SALADS!
  • The silence... Kill it! I'll find you! Quiet noises... and I'll STRANGLE the whispers out of you with a BONESAW!!
  • (I'm beginning to remember...) Stop it, keep the memories down with a knife in its throat, slash it until it bleeds thought juice across the dirt and it's absorbed into nothingness...
  • (I can't stop, I can't stop the killing...) AND I DON'T WANT TO!

Completing a Challenge

  • (Maybe the world is sending me a sign.)
  • My pecs have pecs!
  • I feel a deep, dark warmth...!
  • I'm rising!
  • You can't stop me!

Out of Ammo

  • No, no, no, no, no!
  • Who made this gun!?
  • I ordered a lead salad!
  • [frustrated groan]

Comparing Items

  • (Uh-oh. Math. Hope we don't pop a blood vessel.)
  • Uhh... the choices are pretzeling my inner lobes!
  • See the numbers, taste the violence....
  • But who makes the prettiest noise?

Looking at Skill Trees

  • Toooo maaaany icons...
  • My head hurts...

Spotting Health

  • I see red!
  • Organic arm-jabbers!
  • Blood drink!
  • Blasto bandage!
  • I see feel good needles!

Spotting a Badass

  • I'm gonna swallow your throat, badass!
  • I can't wait to taste your lungs!
  • I'll show you what a badass is!
  • I see meat muscles!
  • Don't cry when I pull your lungs out through your chest!
  • Come to me wrath sponge!
  • Splash your blood all over me!
  • Somebody delivered a feast!
  • I want to hear you scream!
  • (This one, we can kill.)

When set on fire

  • (I deserve to burn...)
  • Keep warm!
  • (Ow. Ow. Ow ow.)

When hit by friendly fire

  • Hurt the one you love! Do it!
  • I'll eat the pain.
  • I feel your spanking.
  • Friendship is pain.
  • Shoot me 'til you love me!
  • Friendlyfriendlyfriendly FIRE!!
  • DON'T...STOP!!
  • (Oh...they finally turned on me...)

When turning into a Badass Psycho Mutant

  • I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!
  • NO! NO, NO, NO!!!
  • [angry roar]
  • (I'm a monster...!) [Said in the tone of his normal outside voice]
  • (You wanted 'im? You GOT 'IM!)

When using Redeem the Soul

  • Better this way...
  • I wanna die here, ME!!
  • Heads up, seven up!
  • You don't die, I DIE!
  • Monster down! Angel up!
  • Blood for blood!
  • Don't cheat my death!
  • (You don't deserve this. I do.)
  • You're in my spot!
  • Trading Places!

When finding rare loot

  • I like my treasure like I like my baby steaks, raaaaare...
  • A golden mallet for the meat pounding!
  • Look at that pungent kill stick!
  • A killing tool, put it in me!
  • (We can use that to kill the deserving, grab it...)
  • What a shiny soul stabber!

On gaining a level

  • I heard a ding!
  • I'm rising!
  • All I see is red!
  • This pleasure is agony!
  • I'm overflowing!
  • [short, maniacal laughter]
  • I want to crush something!
  • Gun time, fun time!
  • Do you hear that?!
  • (Nearly as good as getting paid.)

When making a high jump in a vehicle

  • Looks like them Duke boys are in a peck of trouble!
  • Somebody catch me!
  • Fine! I'll make the sky bleed!
  • I can't breathe!

When gaining Elemental Elation stacks

  • Bigger mag, better pain!
  • Stack the frenzy! (Say this with two different styles, the other with a calm voice and the other with a more angry tone with the added words: "Do it!" after)
  • Cauterize the wound!
  • Burning, melting goodness!
  • Now run, run!
  • Yes I knew it!
  • When my powers combine!
  • Melt for me, pastycakes!
  • Melt in my mouth!

When accumulating Bloodlust stacks

  • (This is kinda awful, but mostly awesome...)
  • I smell a little drop!
  • Paper cut...
  • I love it when you bleed at me!
  • It's a bloody business, Bates!
  • I lust for your blood!
  • [Snarling] Hemophilia!
  • Salt... oh god, where's my salt?!
  • I feel the crimson!
  • Blood on the dirt!
  • The crimson mist is so nutritious!
  • What a fantastic blood boy I've become!

Issuing a duel challenge

  • Friendship is hate!
  • I'll give you something to cry about!
  • You'll never choke ME down!
  • I am NOT your friend!
  • (Don't kill this one, they are not deserving.)

Receiving a duel challenge

  • That's more like it!
  • Thank you!
  • Yeeeeessss, AGAIN!
  • Thanks for the face pain!
  • (Don't kill them, this is just for fun, for fun...)

Losing a duel

  • It feels perfect!
  • I've got to stop.
  • I didn't mean it!
  • Feels different this time!
  • It's the end... But the meat has been prepared!

Stalemate at a duel

  • I slaughtered Steven! He's not even!
  • I'll strangle you with that tie!
  • That's wrong! SO WRONG!
  • But nobody's bleeediiinnng!
  • I'd rather snort a knife into my brain!

Winning a duel

  • Feels so right!
  • You're making me giddy!
  • While there's life, there's meat!
  • You were fantastic. SO WAS I!
  • (Teasingly) You should've ruuuun!

Colliding with another player's vehicle

  • Beep Beep!
  • Bad song in horrible award-winning movie!
  • Eat me!

Opening a Chest

  • What an amazing chest, Gwynevere!
  • Crack the ribcage to get the goodies!
  • Violence knick-knacks!
  • My pain-toys!
  • I want what's insiiide yoouuu!
  • Gimme your guts, metal box!
  • What sweet meats do you have today?
  • Look at all the death-trinkets!
  • I'll keep it all inside me..
  • Show me your loot-soul!
  • Nahah, it's like Arbor Day!
  • I wanna see sunset colors!
  • I've opened puppies faster than this!
  • Shoot and loot and loot and shoot.
  • I need you so bad..
  • (I've always loved getting paid.. especially in loot.)

In Tiny Tina's Assault on the Dragon Keep DLC

  • SMELLS LIKE HOME! (entering the Unassuming Docks)
  • I'LL CRACK YOUR MIND AND BEAT YOUR PROBLEMS TO DEATH! (Talking to Ellie/Elanor in Flamerock Refuge)
  • MEAT.... (When entering Hatred's Shadow.)
  • IT ESCAPED MY FINGER PRISON! (When the Crit slips from Krieg's hands.)


  • Krieg has a unique kind of melee-bonus without having a bladed weapon equipped. This bonus rises together with his level, but will be overridden by the melee-bonus of a bladed weapon.[1]
    • From Level 45 on, a bladed weapon with a melee-bonus of +50% will weaken his melee attacks, but if you gain other bonuses like the melee bonus from a Roid Damage shield, a bladed weapon will then do more damage when the Roid bonus is active.
  • Krieg's skill points total is VERY incorrect on all 3 trees. If one goes to a Quick Change station, they will see his skills as being 53 max points in Bloodlust, when it is actually 52. His Mania skill tree says 44, which is spot-on. His Hellborn tree is VERY off, reading 67 max points, when the number is 43.
  • Krieg's class mod is a custom buzz blade that is attached to the back of his belt, when buzz axe rampage is active however, the class mod is NOT used as the blade in the axe itself.


  • Krieg's skills "Strip The Flesh" and "Salt the Wound" are references to one phrase commonly heard from psychos ("strip the flesh, salt the wound").
  • Some of Krieg's skills are reference to the psychos' skills which annoy players the most. This includes throwing explosives and exploding (Suicide Psychos), breathing fire (Burning Psychos) and rushing opponents for melee (normal Psychos). [2]
  • Krieg's name means 'War' in German.
  • Krieg's skill Burn, Baby, Burn is a reference to the song "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps.
  • On April 24, 2013, Krieg took over @ECHOcasts [3] Twitter (formerly owned by Sir Hammerlock).
  • Krieg's line "Look at me when I scream into your soul" is a reference to a series of similar lines used by attacking psychos ("Look into my eyes when I stare at you" and "Look at me when I'm charging at you").
  • Krieg's line "It's a bloody business, Bates" is a reference to the series Downton Abbey, wherein a character is being fired for inadequate performance.[4] It may also serve as a double entendre, referencing Norman Bates from the movie Psycho, in which the business of murder is quite bloody, given the nature of Krieg's character.
  • Krieg suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). He argues with himself in some of his quotes, and he has a very quiet 'inner voice' which occasionally tells him what to do or comments on his surroundings.
    • The dominant personality seems to be his violent side.
    • His more peaceful side seems to keep him in check by threatening that it will take control and commit suicide as soon as he harms an innocent person.
  • Krieg's bounty is $100,000,000,000. No crimes are listed, but in the launch trailer the poster has "Property of Hyperion" written on it.
  • When Krieg dies, regardless of whether he has Light the Fuse or not, he will attempt to say the lines he uses when detonating the bundle of dynamite that accompanies LTF mode. These lines will usually be at least partially cut off.
  • Krieg's quote "You woke the wrong dog!" is a nod to Nine-Toes from the first Borderlands, who uses the same line when you encounter him.
  • Krieg has a quote each for winning or losing a duel that are based on quotes from Doctor Who.
    • When winning he can say "You were fantastic. SO WAS I". The ninth Doctor said almost the same thing.
    • When losing he can say "It's the end... but the meat has been prepared". The fourth Doctor said "It's the end... but the moment has been prepared."
    • Both original quotes were the last words said by the Doctor before regenerating.
      • When Krieg goes down, he sometime says "I don't want to go!" - the final words of The Tenth Doctor.
  • Krieg references Day of the Tentacle, a 1993 graphic adventure game also known as Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle, when he rants "Gone are the days of the tentacle..." [5]
  • His quote, "Friendship is HATE!" is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic joke.
  • Krieg is the only playable character who has no lines while under the effects of the Handsome Jack voice modulator, though he does make the same stock grunts. As with Zer0,It is possible he is too disgusted by his own voice to want to speak.
  • Krieg's quote "He's on fire!" is a reference to NBA Jam.
  • Krieg breaks the fourth wall with quotes.
    • "Toooo maaaany icons..." shows that skills are connected to skill icons.
    • "See the numbers, taste the violence...." shows that items are connected to numbers.
  • The quote "Looks like them Duke boys are in a peck of trouble" is a reference to The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • Based on his quotes, Krieg seems concerned with several different females. His quotes involving "she" are scattered and inconsistent. Within his ramblings, several stories can be imagined, but not logically tied together.
  • Tiny Tina refers to Krieg as Craig on the Borderlands Twitter.
  • Krieg has the most lines for kill streaks, a total of thirteen.
  • Krieg's Buzz Axe is Bandit made and has a purple, blue or Legendary rarity depending on what skills Krieg has investments in.
  • Krieg's quote, "The voices said empty, hollow, and thud" is a reference to the Rosenhan Experiment, in which sane people were put into mental hospitals to test the validity of psychiatric diagnoses. The experimenters were instructed to pretend to hear the words, "empty, hollow, and thud," as auditory hallucinations in order to gain admission to the hospitals.
  • Krieg's quote, "From Hell's heart, I stab at thee", is from Moby Dick by Herman Melville.
  • Krieg's dominant personality seems to possess traits from both the personality types displayed by normal Psychos. His dialogue swings back and forth between nonsensical, humorous rambling and bloodthirsty rage completely at random, although the two combine at times.
  • Krieg's inner voice is compared to a man driving an out-of-control semi truck by Anthony Burch. [6] He cannot stop the truck, but he can try and steer it away from as many innocents as possible.
  • Krieg's quote while opening a chest: "What an amazing chest, Gwynevere!" May be a reference to the game Dark Souls, in which a giant sized character named Gwynevere appears. Often players will find messages from other players using an in-game system saying "Amazing chest ahead!" referencing her ample bosom.
  • Krieg is the only character that can be damaged by fellow team-mates outside of a duel if points are invested in Fuel the Rampage.


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