Krieg's Buzz Axe is Krieg's Default Melee Weapon and the weapon used in his Action Skill. Unlike normal Psychos' buzz axes which are a small dull sawblade attached to a small metal rod, Krieg's Buzz Axe is a functional toothed sawblade with a hollowed out back, attached to a two handed axe handle which may have been broken into pieces and fashioned back together with electrical tape. As Krieg progresses in certain skill trees, his Buzz Axe receives various visual upgrades depending on skill selection.

Basic Axe

His classic Buzz Axe, with no visual upgrades.
Basic axe.png

Basic Axe

Empty the Rage

Adds a pointed metallic cap the base of the axe's handle.
Axe empty the rage.png

Little spike.

Strip the Flesh

Adds a pointed guard just below the head of the axe.
Axe strip the flesh.png

Now that's protection...

Release the Beast

Attaches a grenade to the back end of the axe and bigger blades on top of the default blade.
Axe release the beast.png

Now that must hurt...

Buzz Axe Bombardier

Adds sticks of lit dynamite to the side of the axe.
Axe buzz axe bomb.png


Fire Fiend

Grants a bright orange accent along the sharp edges of the axe.
Axe fire fiend.png

Want to light a smoke?


Mix all of the Previous upgrades.
Axe everything.png

Full Power!


  • Krieg's Buzz Axe is considered a Bandit pistol, thanks to this certain Allegiance Relic boosts can be used with it.
  • The Buzz Axe's sawblade does not change depending on the class mod, the class mod's sawblade is placed on Krieg's belt instead.
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