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Kraggon Snowballs are the smallest variety of cryo-based kraggon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



Kraggon Snowballs like to run up into melee range in order to swipe with either their tail or front paws. However, they are also capable of leap attacks from mid-to-long range, and can occasionally roll up into a ball to charge. If they cannot get into melee range, they are capable of spitting snowballs.

After having been in combat for a certain length of time, Kraggon Snowballs often pause to roar, causing a brief burst of cryo and thin veins of liquid methane to appear across their bodies. After this occurs, a slight amount of additional damage is added to their range of attacks and their roll attack is turned into a kamikaze roll - if they hit anything, they will explode in a cryo eruption.

As with all cryo-based kraggons, Kraggon Snowballs are almost completely immune to cryo damage, and are highly susceptible to incendiary damage.


  • As the smallest variety of cryo-based kraggon, Kraggon Snowballs never break apart into smaller kraggons upon death, regardless of whether or not it was broken apart from a larger kraggon.
  • However, because of the way their deaths are animated, deaths are technically "self kills". So Badass Challenges such as "Kill X enemies with Y weapon" are not credited.
  • Kraggon Snowballs feature the same 'evolution' technique of Kraggon Pebbles. However, unlike Kraggon Pebbles changing into Kraggon Fuses, the name for a Kraggon Snowball remains the same. The only way to determine the difference is during Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, where their name prefix is changed. Oddly enough, in UVHM when they evolve their name changes to TVHM variant.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Packed Kraggon Snowball, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Hardened Kraggon Snowball.

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