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Kraggons are creatures that originate from Elpis, Pandora's moon. Kraggons are tough to entirely kill, as when a large kraggon is killed, it will split into two smaller kraggons that are just as hostile as the Kraggon they split from.

Kraggons are exclusively elemental, and take on either fire or cryo elements, depending on the environment they live in. Therefore, while it is a rare tactic, it is possible for a kraggon to break away from combat to heal itself by drinking from the pools of lava or frozen methane that often frequent the areas surrounding their dens. As a rule of a thumb, all Kraggons are weak to an opposite element type (fire kraggons can be defeated by cryo weapons and vice versa).

Kraggon Types[]

Incendiary Kraggons[]

Cryo Kraggons[]

Notable Kraggons[]


  • The only kraggons that do not split in two on death are Iwajira, Odjurymir, Phonic Kraggon, Peaceful Kraggons and Kraggon Pebbles.
  • Kraggons are considered as flesh targets. However, incendiary weapons are only effective against ice-based kraggons because the others resist incendiary attacks.
    • The E-GUN is an exception because it is highly effective against flesh, but has no element.