Knuckle Dragger is the first boss fought in Borderlands 2. He is a larger, more powerful version of a standard Bullymong. He is fought in the icy canyons of the Southern Shelf (Map Location: Windshear Waste from Claptraps House). He is first seen in Claptrap's House where he rips out the robot's eye. He has a chance to drop the Hornet upon his death.


Knuckle Dragger will hop off his perch and throw large rocks, similar to standard Bullymong behavior. He attacks with punches and jumping on his victim. When he is at about half health, he will return to his perch and summon Monglets. After a short time he will jump back down.

Using the Jakobs gold plated Gearbox sniper rifle (only available to Premium-club members) large critical strikes to his head can be delivered quickly killing him, using this weapon while he is up on the Hyperion Drop-ship is also very effective.

If you have existing badass ranks and used tokens amplifying critical damage etc. this will also be useful.


When coming from the direction of Claptrap's Place after defeating him once, Knuckle Dragger spawns as the character rounds the corner leading to the cliff above his area. When Knuckle Dragger is killed, all his loot will be "fired" into the sky to land on the platform where he was fought the first time; if there is anything above him when he dies, the loot can end up being thrown inside the level geometry and lost.


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