Knuckle Dragger is a larger, more powerful version of standard Bullymongs. It is the first boss of the game. He is fought in the icy canyons of the Southern Shelf. He is first seen in Claptrap's camp where he rips out the robot's eye. He resembles a large, snow white Adult Bullymong with white fur protruding from his face and shoulders. The only other characteristic that defers it from adult bullymongs is that he sports Claptrap's eye on a necklace.


Knuckle Dragger will hop off his perch and throw large rocks, similar to standard Bullymong behavior. He attacks with punches and jumping on his victim. When he is at about half health, he will return to his perch and summon Monglets. After a short time he will jump back down.


Knuckle Dragger has a chance to drop the Hornet. If he is killed by only melee, there is a small chance it will drop the "Bullymong feramone" Grenade mod. This mod will cause any bullymong within the facinity of its explosion to become friendly to the player and attack any other hostile AI. This works on all variants of the bullymong except for the Midget-Mong.


  • Knuckle Dragger is the first boss in the Borderlands series that appears at Level 1.
  • Knuckle Dragger exhibits more intelligence than most Bullymongs as he is able to fashion a necklace out of Claptrap's eye.
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