Knuckle Dragger

Knuckle Dragger is a larger, more powerful version of standard Bullymongs. It is the first boss of the game. He is fought in the icy canyons of the Southern Shelf. Claptrap speaks ill of him as he murdered all of the other Claptraps that were stationed there. He is first seen in Claptrap's camp where he rips out the robot's eye. He resembles a snow white Adult Bullymong with red fur protruding from his face and shoulders.


Knuckle Dragger will hop off his perch and throw large rocks at the player, similar to standard Bullymong behavior. He will attack the player by punching or jumping on him/her. Use headshots to gain critical hits. When he is at about half health, he will return to his perch and summon Monglets. After a short time he will jump back down and you can finish the fight. He will drop plenty of loot upon death.

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