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Knights are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are heavily armored, wearing an entire suit of armor.



Knights run to close range where they can strike with their swords, but they also have an occasional tactic of stopping to throw a blade in a slow, arcing trajectory to hit ranged targets.

Knights are well armored and resistant to gunfire and incendiary damage. They also carry a large tower shield with which they can hide behind. The shield is deflective and will reflect any shots fired at it. However, due to their armored state, Knights are weak to corrosive damage.


  • Killing a Knight counts towards the Knighty Knight challenge in the challenge list.
  • Knights have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Knight
    • TVHM: Knight Templar
    • UVHM: Knight Champion


  • The True Vault Hunter Mode name of "Knight Templar" is a reference to the order of Christian knights that existed during the Middle Ages; the Knights Templar.