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Kitten is a unique assault rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Vladof. It is obtained from Mad Moxxi by finishing the Everybody Wants to be Wanted mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage.

Special Weapon Effects[]

We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad. – Fires three bullets per shot at the cost of one ammo. The shot spread takes the shape of a smiley face, with two eyes and a wide grin. The spread starts out tight, lengthens, and then closes in again. Heals the user for 4% of all damage inflicted when the weapon is equipped.

Usage & Description[]

The Kitten is very strong at close range, but is limited by its waning and waxing spread at long range. Though the pattern varies somewhat the bullets quickly leave the area marked by the center of the reticle, making it very difficult to hit targets that are more than a few feet away. For this reason, the Kitten is best used as a high-speed shotgun replacement rather than a traditional assault rifle.

When choosing a Kitten between various options, prioritize rate of fire and/or damage over accuracy, as the fixed pattern will make almost no difference between variants with different accuracy. The Kitten is very inaccurate in every case, even if the weapons have components that improve accuracy.


  • Gaige can make good use of the Kitten with her Close Enough skill. The Kitten's high damage, rate of fire, and projectile count per ammo used make it ideal for spraying ricocheted shots all over the battlefield. However, its already short effective range will greatly diminish if used with Anarchy. With enough stacks of Anarchy, the firing pattern will cause most bullets to fire outside the reticle, even causing them to land a few feet behind the character if aiming down.
  • As a Miss Moxxi gun, the Kitten will always spawn with an element and heal the wielder when inflicting damage.
  • Krieg makes excellent use of Kitten rifles due to his aptitude for close-quarters fighting. The Hellborn skill tree applies Delusional Damage, allowing all elements to aid in Krieg being aflame, and Elemental Empathy making Krieg heal even more with this weapon. The Bloodlust skill tree also benefits immensely, as Blood-Filled Guns add stacks of Bloodlust for less ammo than normal, and increases the Kitten's already large magazine size. Bloody Revival also benefits, due to the Kitten's damage being increased to higher levels.


  • The Kitten's flavor text is a quote from the Cheshire Cat in the book Alice In Wonderland. The spread pattern mimics the Cheshire Cat's distinctive mischievous grin.