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King Wee Wee is a midget boss in Borderlands.


Most of the psychos and midgets among the bandits are the result of a cruel and deliberate regime of torture during pregnancy, and behavioral engineering during childhood. This program was dreamed up and carried out entirely by King Wee Wee, who is the poster child for rage, hatred, and self-loathing.


King Wee Wee is the target of the mission King Tossing.



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  • King Wee Wee does not respawn in the original version of Borderlands but does respawn in the enhanced version.
  • King Wee Wee drops the unique shield Wee Wee's Super Booster.
  • King Wee Wee has the same facial model as Crazy Earl. This can be viewed easily upon his death.
  • There is a bug that will give credit for a skag kill to characters with The Secret Armory of General Knoxx mission Local Trouble active when King Wee Wee is killed.